Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Subbacultcha - Contest!

Thanks to everybody who turned out for N@B last night. Pre-shate it folks. And I'm sure regular attenders will agree it was good to have Scott Phillips back as emcee. I kicked the evening off reading from Blood, Guts & Whiskey in honor of fellow reader and BG&W contributor Derek Nikitas. I would like to point out that going first is a huge advantage here. I wouldn't want to have to follow Derek, who read an excellent and escalating excerpt from The Long Division, but first timer Matthew J. McBride took that thankless position and raised the stakes impossibly high from the first line of his story Gunpowder and Aluminum Foil, "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen." Crossbows and meth go together like peanut butter and chocolate. If you haven't read Matthew you can check out his blog Got Pulp? where he's got links to other stories and you can keep up with his high octane lifestyle. I'd like to add that N@B has got quite a track record for first public readings going with Matthew joining Frankie Bill and Malachi Stone in that catagory. Damn, makes me feel proud. Have you seen what people are saying about Frankie's novel Donnybrook? Go check that out. Dennis Tafoya carried the evening to a heartbreaking conclusion with the opening excerpt from his excellent new novel The Wolves of Fairmount Park which you should definitely purchase, (and Subterranean Books has got some signed copies if'n ya wanna maybe order one).

I've got a new contest now and the prizes (2) are the printed story Gunpowder and Aluminum Foil and Derek's The Long Division excerpt signed by all the participants from last night. Simply pick up a copy of the excellent new Thuglit anthology Blood Guts & Whiskey edited by Todd Robinson and email me the final lines from N@B participants Sean Doolittle, Derek Nikitas and my own stories. Click on my profile on the right side of your screen for that address.

Speaking with Dennis last night, he mentioned his strong desire to write a supernatural/paranormal/horror whatever you wanna call it book. A crime writer who has just done that is Michael Koryta. I'm talking about him and So Cold the River at Ransom Notes.


Steve Weddle said...

I need to move to St Louis.

Rod Norman said...

WHAT A NIGHT, Man you just keep raising the bar each time.. St. Louis is the place to be thanks to Jed & Scott !