Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aural Sex

Over at Ransom Notes I'm getting into the chief benefit of professional manual labor - a mind free to wander - and its chief manifestation - playing shit I wanna listen to loud. Yeah, sometimes it's music, but more often these days it's audio books - of which I list a few recent listens over there including Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars a collection of four novellas including the story 1922 - an absolutely black crime tale. Really, just stunningly bleak and terrifically moving. Ask John Rector, he'll set you straight. Anyway, I stuck to books over there, but the truth is I listen to podcasts too. Not enough crime fiction/film casts that I know of. I know the late-great Out of the Past film noir centered program and the newer Noir Cast from Shannon Clute and Richard Edwards, as well as Seth Harwood's CrimeWav, Rob & Livius at Booked, and I just found Crime City Central where I heard Ray Banks' story The Kindness of Strangers (from the upcoming Lost Children: Protectors anthology edited by Thomas Pluck) - nice - and I'm zeroing in on Mysterypod, but I need help. You know some quality crime podcasts? I need to know them.

I got the chance to see an advance screening of the new William Friedkin/Tracy Letts freak-out Killer Joe, and I'll have more to say about it later, but I wanted to give it the quick HBW official stamp of approval in case it's playing in your town this weekend. Even took my wife to see this sleazy-ass picture. I don't deserve her. You're the best, sweetie.

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