Thursday, October 24, 2013

N@B Giveaway

In the spirit of sportsmanship (or whatever overweight, middle-aged fans get to call a self-serving gesture like this one) I will be giving away a copy of Noir at the Bar volumes 1 or 2 for every game that the Cardinals win during The World Series.

To enter to win a copy - go to THIS FACEBOOK LINK and LEAVE A COMMENT on said post. I'll draw a winner before Game 3 on Saturday.

In case you need help getting excited about this, I'll give you the lineups of authors whose badassery I'm offering you for free:

Cameron Ashley, Jedidiah Ayres, Laura Benedict, Pinckney Benedict, Frank Bill, Jane Bradley, David Cirillo, Sonia L. Coney, Hilary Davidson, Sean Doolittle, Les Edgerton, Nate Flexer, Matthew C. Funk, Jesus Angel Garcia, Glenn Gray, Kevin Lynn Helmick, Gordon Highland, John Hornor Jacobs, David James Keaton, Matt Kindt, Chris La Tray, Tim Lane, Erik Lundy, Jason Makansi, Christine Matthews, Matthew McBride, Jon McGoran, Cort McMeel, Kyle Minor, Aaron Michael Morales, Derek Nikitas, Dan O'Shea, Scott Phillips, Robert J. Randisi, John Rector, Caleb J. Ross, Anthony Neil Smith, Malachi Stone, Duane Swierczynski, Dennis Tafoya, Richard Thomas, Mark W. Tiedemann, Fred Venturini, Benjamin Whitmer, Jonathan Woods, Nic Young.

Go leave a comment. Go Cards!

Now, should you be a fan of Thuglit or, God help you, the Red Sox, Todd Robinson has got you covered. For the hypothetical games the Sox will win in this series, he's gonna give away THREE print copies of Thuglit. presumably with your choice of issues 1-7. Now, that's a lotta hardcore hardboiled sweets, so I'm not going to list all the authors that would involve, but I'd say there's about a hundred and fifty percent chance that at least one of the stories you'd get would be by Ed Kurtz or Joe Clifford. Again, tho - those Sox have to win a game first.

Good luck.

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