Monday, April 7, 2014

'Cha Doin?

What does J. David Osborne do when he's hip deep in edits of Moby Dick (or uh, David James Keaton's doorstop The Last Projector)? He throws a drinking party at The Blue Bonnet in Norman, Oklahoma and invites folks like Paul J. Garth, Gabino Iglesias, Stacey Rios, Shane McKenzie, Robert Spencer, Troy James Weaver and the musics of Nathan Lofties & Sarah Reid... He also calls it N@B-Oklahoma Edition, which if the legacy of Jim Thompson or S.E. Hinton means anything to you, you'll arrive armed for (at least with a fiver).

And don' blink or you'll miss N@B-The Chicago Way with... I dunno, I think they're doing an open mic. Yup, the MWA-Midwest is holding the event Sunday, April 13 2pm at The Hidden Shamrock (I believe that's Michael Harvey's establishment), so belly up to the bar, boys and for heaven's sake, choose your work carefully. You wouldn't want to find you'd brought a knife to a gunfight.

If you're looking for shit to do in Milwaukee, big surprise, Jon & Ruth Jordan have got you covered. In the wake of Murder & Mayhem in Muskego's decision to get rid of the body, or at least chop it up and spread it around, comes the announcement of a new Midwest institution bound to incite riots - N@B-Milwaukee (or Noir at the Cantina-if you will). And who better to help legitimize the chapter and scandalize the innocent bystanders in the cantina than N@B alum Hilary Davidson and Frank Wheeler Jr.? Well, howsabout Bryon Quertermous, Matthew Clemens, Rob Riley and the amazing Ruth Jordan herself? 'Bout covers it. Look and book for this, May 17 at Cafe La Paloma.

The Jordans also just published Crimespree Magazine #55 and it's a doozie. Not only do you get some Broken River Books coverage with interviews with myself and Stephen Graham Jones by Nik Korpon and Robb Olson (who also reviews The Least of My Scars - Tim Hennessy chimes in on Peckerwood) respectively - there's also Steve Weddle interviewing Ben LeRoy & Alison Dasho and Glenn Gray's The Little Boy Inside gets a solid review.

Speaking of reviews, I really appreciate all the folks who leave comments about my books on Amazon, Goodreads, blogs or B&N.Com (tho - that's yet to happen). Recently this includes Mike McCreary, Josh Stallings, Ryan Bracha, Dana Kabel, S. Barnatt, Julie Zeutschel and others with less personal handles. Thanks folks. And how about this sweetass picture of the Fierce Bitches cover smashed up against James Ellroy's Shake Down courtesy of Ian Keith Rogers? Pretty swell company. Thanks, Ian.

Been a year already heavy with guest posts at HBW and some more quality stuff on the way soon, so stay tuned.

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