Thursday, April 24, 2014

More News From Nowhere

Hey, look at those two goofy bastards, they're going to be in Madisonville, Kentucky Friday night doing some kind of talky thing and all sortsa shit with the locals and semi-locals who have nothing better to do (like y'know stay home and stream Blue Ruin on iTunes - which I'd be doing if I were them).

I jest, I jest. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody at the Loman C. Trover Library including fucking Tim L. Williams whose work I first fell for in that fateful first issue of Murdaland magazine (and have gone on to encounter in Plots With Guns, Best American Mystery Stories -twice- Ellery Queen and other places too good for me). Who else? Howsabout Jessica Leonard of Books & Booze podcast (who were snookered into having me on once upon a time), Sean Leonard whose name y'all prolly know from (here're some words he wrote 'bout Craig Wallwork's Gory Hole)? Mmmm, any possibility we'll see other KY folks like David James Keaton, Kirby Gann or Ryan David Jahn? Uh... I doubt it, but if I promise you they'll be there, would you be more likely to show up? Okay then, yes they will. And there will be punch and pie. And Boyd Crowder. And Ava. And we're gonna find Devil's remains and have a proper burial. Just... just show up, huh?

Actually, you want some true incentive? How about being the first audience to hear Scott Phillips read from his brand spanking new novel Hop Alley? This new book is so fucking Phillips you'll excrete from every orifice publicly, spontaneously and simultaneously if you attend. There will be tissues and sanitary wipes on hand (as there are everywhere Scott reads), but you should bring some extra drawers if you wanna show us around town afterward.

Hmmm, it occurs to me that one of the chief forces behind Mosquito Kingdom, the ultra-low-budget crime film I had a hand in some years ago now hangs his spurs in the bluegrass state... I wonder if there'll be a sighting of that cat? Y'know, from the look of the teaser trailer for his latest film West of Ventura, I'd say he's stepped up his game. Damn.

Can't make Madisonville? Fuck it, try and find us Saturday roaming the streets of Memphis looking for Marc Cohn with... well, let's not make it easy to prove intent, huh? Seriously tho, who's gonna be in Memphis this weekend? Let's do it. I'm looking forward to pressing flesh with Stephen Usery of Book Talk and the MysteryPod podcast. Aaaaand not to count my unhatched breakfast, but there's one more dude I've heard rumors will be around town whose peaceful weekend getaway I'm looking forward to ruining. Hunting you down, man (his new book is badass).

Gonna be fun. Hope you'll be there. If the weather's good enough to drive with the windows down, you can find me by the sounds of the weekend odyssey's theme song...

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