Thursday, October 6, 2016

Soon, Now, When & Again

Trespass Against Us - d: Adam Smith w: Alastair Siddons

Nocturnal Animals - d: Tom Ford w: Austin Wright, Tom Ford

The Hollow Point - d: Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego w: Nils Lyew

Wild City - d: Ringo Lam w: Ringo Lam, Koon-nam Lui, Frankie Tam

In Order of Disappearance - d: Hans Petter Moland w: Kim Fupz Aakeson

Sleepless - d: Baran bo Odar w: Andrea Berloff, Nicolas Saada


Anonymous said...

I enjoy when you post handful of trailers. Most of them I have not seen.

Trespass Against Us - Brendan Gleeson is all I need to know about this movie

Nocturnal Animals - I am on a quest to see all of Michael Shannon's screen performances

The Hollow Point - Jim Belushi could sink the Titanic for a second time but Ian McShane could raise it from the depths

In Order of Disappearance - the great Stellan Skarsgård (and soon to be a Liam Neeson movie) and it looks like dark violent fun

Sleepless - Jamie Fox in his seductive whisper voice (No thanks. He is a deeply overrated actor, comedian and singer) and David Harbour (a character actor to always pay attention to)

thanks for trailers

david middleton

jedidiah ayres said...

Yeah - I hope these all deliver - I'm not a fan of Foxx either - he's an obstacle to overcome for a movie to succeed most of the time - but it does happen occasionally. if you've never seen the French film SLEEPLESS NIGHT give it a watch - SLEEPLESS is the American remake

Anonymous said...

Title: Nuit blanche
Place in line: 3
Pickup location: Dartmouth North Public Library

I am now 3rd in queue to see Sleepless Night

david middleton

Anonymous said...

I have watched Nuit blanche (Sleepless Night)

I am unsure of Foxx in the lead but am now interested in seeing the Hollywood version of the movie.

I wonder how much dialogue is going to be added for Foxx in the role. The French cop character is pretty silent for the most part (up until the end). I suspect that the Foxx version will be 40X more talky and 70X more smart ass.

david middleton

jedidiah ayres said...

Michael Mann got a good performance out of him (ALI) - but yeah, I think it'll be a test of suppressing the Jamie Foxx brand in service of the movie