Tuesday, November 8, 2016

There's Sometimes a Buggy... Elephino

Big thanks to Mike White and guest co-host Erik Marshall for the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite movies, David Lynch's Mulholland Dr., on The Projection Booth this week (not my first time on The Projection Booth either - I got to talk about Louis Malle's Elevator to the Gallows last year). If you've ever listened to the show you know Mike knows his shit and does exhaustive research for each and every episode and if you know me at all you can probably guess that my strategy is 'always wing it', so, hey, one of us (two really, Erik was great) had some swell insights to this bottomless pit of theory seeds and the other stuck his thumb up his butt and said it smelled funny.

Well, it did.

Still, I think we all had fun talking and I hope every single one of you have fun listening to every single moment of the 3-hour run time of the episode. Every. Damn. Minute. Don't worry it's not all me talking - Mike also interviews the always terrific Patrick Fischler and the unworldly Laura Elena Harring).

Are you back? You listened to everything? Then you know I announced the name of my own crime film podcast's cohost Peter Dragovich aka The Nerd of Noir.

This came about from my unfulfilled appetites for two things: a podcast specifically about the crime shit that gives me a boner and the dulcet tones of Nerd's words.

What's this podcast called? Same thing the rhinoceros/elephant splice produced. So help us out, eh? Help us name our ugly baby.

We're listening.

What kind of hijinks can you expect from Packing Heat with Jed & Pete? We've recorded a couple dry run episodes thus far including a Halloween episode where we picked our favorite crime films for the season and here are those.

Peter's Picks:

5. Snowtown Murders - d) Justin Kurzel w) Justin Kurzel, Shaun Grant, Debi Marshall, Andrew McGarry

4. Tony - w/d) Gerard Johnson

3. The Loved Ones - w/d) Sean Byrne

2. I Saw the Devil - d) Kim Jee-woon w) Kim Jee-woon, Park Hoon-jung

1. Deliverance - d) John Boorman w) James Dickey

Jed's Picks:

5. The Devil's Rejects - w/d) Rob Zombie

4. Kill List - d) Ben Wheatley w) Ben Wheatley, Amy Jump

3. Audition - d) Takashi Miike w) Ryu Murakami, Daisuke Tengan

2. Gotham - w/d) Lloyd Fonvielle

1. Angel Heart - d) Alan Parker w) William Hjortsberg

So c'mon, help me 'n Peter name our show. Leave us a comment here or on Twitter @JedidiahAyres
@nerdofnoir and we'll get back at you soon.

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