Friday, May 29, 2009


Okay, I know Mr. Bill, (tee-hee I'll never get tired of that one, buddy), that is Frank Bill has posted a report regarding last night's inaugural St. Louis edition of Noir at the Bar over at the House of Grit and it's a fine happy piece, but let me tell you folks, no fewer than 10 fictional characters lost their lives in that hour and a half. One was raped! Some were bludgeoned with baseball bats or hammers, one burned alive. There was whoring, adultery, drug use, pissing of oneself, pornography and not a little name calling. Let's not even get into the language. Whew! Foul! I am sworn off the hard stuff for a spell. Gimme re-runs of 7th Heaven and Little House on the Prairie, please. One anecdote that's got to make the rounds, though. Wednesday night Anthony Neil Smith and Scott Phillips did a reading at Puddin Head books and Scott read from his yet to be published novel Rut, which deals with all the usual Phillips material, so it was a wee bit distracting when a group of four young, (like under ten) children came into the bookstore, (probably 8:30 by this time) while he was in the middle of a fairly profane depiction of human carnality. Clearly distracted, Scott stuttered a couple of times before resorting to various jack-off hand gestures while in ear shot, but out of eye line of the innocent children to relay the progression of the piece. The "censored" version of the story was pretty good, but for the rest of you, I hope you can read the real thing SOON. Tomorrow night Scott introduces Michael Connelly at the library and Sunday maybe I'll spend some time with my family. Monday is HOGDOGGIN' MONDAY. Vote with your pocket books and let the world know what you want, nay demand - solid, go for broke fiction that scares your parents.


Frank Bill said...

Man, great post. Had a kick ass time. Problem is how fast that time went. You, your wife, Scott and Neil were excellent host. Thanks!!!!

Gordon Harries said...

Spending time with the family is sooooooooooooo overated! :)

sounds like a blast, man.

Keith Rawson said...

Jesus, what a blood bath. It had to be a great time, though.
I can't wait to read Rut--Anything with Wayne Ogden is bound to be a perverted good time.

jedidiah ayres said...

Keith - Rut is a perverse good time. It's a speculative novel set 30-40 years from now. The Wayne Ogden book is called Supply Sarge and it's stone cold stone cold Ogdenness. Wow.

If there's any justice in publishing both will be out soon and the world can breath a collective sigh of unrelief.

Nice reading list over at Bloody Knuckles BTW