Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Once More, Into the Gutter

Sniiiffff. Smell that? It seem straight Out of the Gutter to you? It's been a long wait since the Revenge Issue, (which you can and should still order), but Matt Louis and his team of editors, (really? Something was edited out?!?) have come roaring back with the Sexploitation Issue. Friends, I have a piece in said issue called Viscosity - go ahead, keep your mind in the gutter. Thanks to Hana K. Lee for helping my decide on a name for the piece, (Allan Guthrie suggested The Ugly Dick). I won't lie to you, folks, the story is rooted, ahem, in fact and rumors from my own time as a young man. I don't claim first, ahem, hand knowledge of the practices put forth by the guys in this story, but I know people who do. My piece won't cause anyone to faint ala Chuck Palahniuk's Guts, (pick up his novel composed of short stories Haunted for that little gem), but I'd like to think it registered a chuckle or two and maybe even some understanding across gender lines. My wife says it gave her some insight, too late for her, though - I liked it and I put a ring on it.

I'm honored/horrified to share space in the issue with Chris Pimental, Jasper Owens, Michael Bracken, Glenn Gray, Steven Barnes, Angela Caperton and so many others. And I agree with Rod Lott over at Bookgasm when he praises the non-fiction pieces in this issue, they've stepped it up big time. The bar has been raised/lowered again.

There's news from the OOTG camp too. They're expanding into books, (Out of the Gutter is a magazine - in case that wasn't clear) this year. Apparently we can expect the first offerings from Gutter Press sometime in 2010. Are you tingly? Might wanna get some ointment for that.

While we're on the subject of OOTG I should announce that filmmaker Julian Grant is in the script writing faze of preparation to shoot a feature based on my story A Fuckload of Scotch Tape which appeared in OOTG's Revenge Issue, (which also features, Jordan Harper, Greg Bardsley, David Cramner, Sophie Littlefield, Charlie Stella and Vicki Hendricks!). I've seen a handful of his short films and can verify that the man has chops and imagination. He's produced and directed fims for fifteen years for everybody from HBO to The Lifetime Network, but last year moved to Chicago to teach at Columbia College with the goal of making an independent feature per year. He's just completed the first of those right on schedule. It's a zombie flick called The Defiled and if you're in the Chicago area on January 25 you can catch a sneak preview.

Needless to say I'm excited about seeing what he turns out.

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