Saturday, March 27, 2010


Over at Ransom Notes, we're talking Justified, Graham Yost's televised adaptation of Elmore Leonard's short story Fire in the Hole. Off to a strong start, can they keep it up? Love to see Timothy Olyphant stepping into the role previously bungled by James LeGros and giving it a less goofy spin. And hey, Walton Goggins deserves to be a superstar, so bully for him.

And while we were sleeping, the Crime Factory crew snuck down our chimneys like crack head St. Nick's and took a big ol dump on the rug. They left behind issue two right in the middle of my issue one music spotlight series. What, you guys can't wait a few days? Or maybe I should have done this a month ago. Go check out issue two featuring Ray Banks, Dave Zeltserman, Patti Abbott, Josh Converse, Stephen D. Rogers, Gerard Brennan, Jimmy Callaway, Reed Farrel Coleman, Craig McDonald, Charlie Stella, Chad Eagleton, The Nerd of Noir and Kieran Shea dropping some serialized fiction on you.

After a too long break, Plots With Guns is getting ready to drop two issues on us back to back in like two or three days, so prepare.

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