Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Canuck Crime and Contests (that means 2)

If this isn't the best picture you've seen this week... you see more pictures than me. Needle magazine is having a contest to promote their very first issue. You've got a month to order it and post the pic. Gonzo crime writing phenom Matthew McBride sent in this one of wrestler Black Hogan perusing said print mag. Do yourself a favor and check out McBride's blog Got Pulp for more pics of BH in action.

Also on the blogosphere today - here's an excerpt from Rod Norman's interview with horror author David Moody at the Signs & Wonders blog.

Norman: Were you the first to have a zombie novel where the zombies aren't flesh eaters from the get go or was that something you'd seen before?

Moody: I’d never been able to understand why zombies ate flesh? They don’t drink, don’t sleep, don’t go to the bathroom . . . why would they need to eat? It was always my intention to write a story about zombies that didn’t eat!

Rod continues to turn out the interviews at a whirlwind pace - that's a lot of work. Recently he's talked with Sean Chercover, Johnny Duhan, Tom Russell, Tom Schreck and Chris Cleave. He's casting a wide and interesting net over there.

Cullen Gallagher talks at Duane Swierczynski at Pulp Serenade.

At Ransom Notes I'm giving an overdue nod to the Canuck crime stylings of John McFetridge. I was first drawn to his books through the covers. Jeez, those are some beautiful arts, especially the hard covers of Dirty Sweet, (looks like seventies/eighties brit-crime cinema ala Get Carter or The Long Good Friday) and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, (looks like a Michael Mann film poster to me). Probably not since Megan Abbott's Die a Little and The Song is You have I been grabbed by cover art like that.

JMcF's also got his name on a new television series, The Bridge coming to American TV this summer, after running in Canada uh, well now. It's a cop drama, about cops, not a crime of the week kinda thing. Here's hoping.

Plots With Guns has announced the submission guidelines for their next theme issue - Slasher stories... with guns. Yep, still gotta feature a gun in there somewhere. I had a story I'd once considered submitting there only I realized there were no guns in it. I considered several wise ass solutions such as calling the story Gun or tacking an ellipsis on to the end of the story with the word gun following or even a random line of dialogue somewhere - "Do you like guns?". There was exactly one story in that publication I've come across that didn't feature a gun in any form... If you spotted it too, (and I've not read them all - you've gotta get the one I know), send me an email and I'll send you a book -

What book? A free friggin book, jeez, quit yur complaining. Oh alright a book by somebody I've had lunch with in the last week. Satisfied? (While supplies last of course) No idea? Go ahead and take a look at the archives of Anthony Neil Smith's awesome on-line monster and randomly pick one. I might be lenient. Might.


Neil said...

One of the *new* 2.0 issues has a non-gun story? Hell, if that's true, even I missed it. Maybe. Or maybe not.

We had one once where a guy threatened to use a gun, but we found out it was just his fingers in his jacket pocket. Good enough for me.

jedidiah ayres said...

2.0 yes. Great story though

CrimeNerd said...

Really dug Moody's HATER. I should've reviewed last year when I read it. Will definitely review the follow-up, though.