Saturday, May 8, 2010

N@B - The Future

Somebody has set up a Facebook page for Noir at the Bar St. Louis. I have too much pride for that kind of thing, but please follow that page and spread the word on N@B events and St. Louis action. There's also a Twitter account - @NoirBarSTL. Jeez, lookiddit - kicking and screaming into 2005.

And of course there's lotsa shit to promote. June 3 we'll be hosting Laura Benedict and Pinckney Benedict whose new book Miracle Boy and Other Stories is coming out in a few weeks. Seriously, if you've never read P's short fiction, well y'atta.

I've been teasing a little bit with hinting at possible surprise guests at N@B3 and now I'm going to go ahead and out our potentials. While Reed Farrel Coleman and Gabriel Cohen are in town the night before and Richard Russo is the night after, (and though we would welcome any of those fine writers to our dirty little get together), it's none of the above. Omaha's finest Sean Doolittle and John Rector are under some serious fucking pressure to make the 50 hr trip to have a beer and read shit. No commitments yet, but feel free to pour on the peer pressure for these guys to just fuckin grow a pair and drive forever to the Lou for this one. (Actually, it's a looong drive - I wouldn't do it if I were them. But I hope they do.)

More N@B events looking for a date this summer - Dennis Tafoya and Tim Lane. And I'd like to give a big thanks brudda to those who participated in N@B before it was a legitimate and attractive proposition - Anthony Neil Smith, Theresa Schwegel, Malachi Stone and Frank Bill whose Donnybrook is racking up some choice blurbs from the likes a Kyle Minor and Christa Faust - (reads) "like Larry Brown on Meth."

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm talking Philip Kerr's awesome nazi bane Bernie Gunther series. Can Bernie please get some love?

If yur in St. Louis next Saturday, rumor has it Ace Atkins will be in town, but I haven't got anything close to confirmation on this one. Nothing mentioned on his website or Big Sleep Books' site either.


Gonzalo B said...

Is that the Tim Lane of "Abandonded Cars"? His work is awesome. What's he going to read?

jedidiah ayres said...

Indeed. Abandoned Cars has just been released in paperback and we'll be promoting that. I'm interviewing him now and lemme tell ya, if you like his stuff, it's a hell of an interesting interview. He's got some great things to say.

Tim's preparing a multimedia presentation rather than a straight reading. He's dabbled in "radio dramas" but this one is more like a film with his pictures accompanied by dramatic readings. Cool stuff

Unknown said...

Dude, Ace is there, it's the secong to last stop on his tour (by the way, Infamous is some brilliant stuff.)
Rector,Doolittle, and Tafoya? Damn I wish I could make it out for that one.
And Donnybrook, it deserves all the praise it's receiving and then some.