Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wild Desire

If you've been holding off picking up Vicki Hendricks because you didn't know where to start, lemme just fix that little problem for you. While you may just dislocate your jaw dropping it while reading her novels, I assure you you will reading her short stories and finally they're collected in the excellent new book Florida Gothic Stories. There is wild, wild shit running through the whole damn book and it's not all strictly crime stuff. She regularly supplies the freaky-sexiest pieces to noir collections and the weirdest pieces to erotica colelctions, so besides her anthology standouts from A Hell of a Woman, Murdaland, Out of the Gutter and Storyglossia there's bits here from erotica anthologies and brand new stories to freak you right the hell out. The collection includes and introduction from Megan Abbott and an afterward from Michael Connelly. I go on about Vicki and the new book at Ransom Notes.


Cullen Gallagher said...

Miami Purity! Yeah, that book ruled. I can't wait to read this collection.

Lupe Delmar said...

You might like this:


jedidiah ayres said...

Hey thanks "Lupe"