Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Devil, y'know?

Did I not officially update last week's N@B event? How did that happen? Lemme just briefly say that I want to do another graphic novel N@B, 'cause everybody's presentations were so creative and cool. Scott Phillips kicked off reading straight off the projected images courtesy of Roger Peterson from The Paradise and Matt Kindt did a read along style, sound-effect aided treatment of his book Revolver. Tim Lane showed his short - The Passenger - which really brought expectations for multi media N@B to a ridiculous high and closed out the night reading two prose excerpts from upcoming works. Afterward, I drank. A lot. I needed it folks, I've been so fried the past month or so, and that was sorta the last hurdle for me. I'm charging my batteries now and preparing to dive into three new projects. Plus my kids are starting school next week which means Noircon 2010 is just around the corner. I'm registered now, so count on me bothering you all weekend if you're attending.

I'm looking toward October for the next N@B event. We're going international with Mr. Crimefactory, Aussie Cameron Ashley. Sure he publishes good shit, but can he write? I'll just submit Blood & Bone in Bambooland from Plots With Guns for your discerning eye, (the answer btw is o-my-golly-yes). Who will be joining Ash? It's in the works, I'll get back to you soon.

Over the weekend, I read Ken Bruen's new one, The Devil and I'll talk more about it later, but I'd like to think there was a hat tip to your friend and mine Pete The Nerd of Noir Dragovich in there, dear reader. Could be wrong, but that's how it struck me. Pete if you have read it, lemme know. BBC's Jack Taylor based on Ken's The Guards debuted recently and... I haven't heard anything. Anybody see it? Anyone? Bueller? Ah well, I'm just counting the days till Boardwalk Empire is unveiled.

Meanwhile, over at Ransom Notes, I'm encouraging you to nominate two (or more) mystery or literary characters you'd like to see a mash-up of, for example, Hanibal Lector & Dexter Morgan, or 007 & Jessica Fletcher. Stupid ideas perhaps, but somebody's going to strike gold, methinks. Also at Ransom Notes, last week I got anticipation notes from N@B alumn like Derek Nikitas, Theresa Schwegel and Dennis Tafoya, plus Craig McDonald.


Brian Lindenmuth said...

I think I may have found someone who is going to review The Guards for Spinetingler.

I'm also running down what hopefully will be a cool Boardwalk Empire related piece

CrimeNerd said...

A hat tip in THE DEVIL is definitely fresh fucking news to me, Jed. Gotta read that shit, like, fucking yesterday.

jedidiah ayres said...

Brian - please do. I wanna know.

Nerd - maybe I'm crazy

Cameron Ashley said...

i havent read it yet, so i don't know what you're referring to, but it's more than likely knowing KB.

jedidiah ayres said...

Cameron - There's also this curious bit where Jack buys a computer for this guy who ends up losing it... oh wait... nevermind

Cameron Ashley said...


Brian Lindenmuth said...


Just wanted to drop in and say that our review of The Guards movie is now up