Monday, August 23, 2010

Special F.X.

Still looking forward to Beat to a Pulp: Round One and I find that this will be the fifth time I’ve been published alongside Glenn Gray. Have you read this dude? Muscle heads, homoerotic paranoia and penis envy abound in dark corners of the body-building culture. Guy also knows his drugs too, but then he moonlights as a doctor, go figure. We’ve shared space in Plots With Guns, Blood, Guts & Whiskey and Out of the Gutter issues 5&6, (Revenge and Sexploitation). Glenn’s got a perverse streak a mile wide, so I’m looking forward to his contribution to BTAP Cannulation.

I'm gonna give somebody a copy of Out of the Gutter 6, (Sexploitation), this week. This one is rough. Brutal. But it's got some great highlights including Mike Sheeter's NF piece Thinking Pink With Larry Flynt, Glenn Gray's Marvin K. Stein's Monster Penis and Chris Pimental's Vig Train. My own piece in this one is called Viscosity and it's a little different than anything else I've ever published. Just lemme know you want a copy to get you in the drawing. Leave a comment on this post, e-mail me, send me a tweet, whatever. No effort involved with this one. I'll draw a name Friday.

Over at Ransom Notes, I’m talking fight fiction: Eddie Muller, Ian Vasquez, F.X. Toole, Christa Faust and James Ellroy. Came about from watching Robert Wise’s The Set-Up the other night. Liked that flick. I really wanted to include Eric Beetner and J.B. Kohl’s One Too Many Blows to the Head in that conversation, but alas, their book is not available through B&N, but please include it in our little dialogue here.

Keith Rawson video talks to John Rector at Spinetingler. Rod Norman talks to Matthew McBride at Signs & Wonders. Keith Rawson answers David Cranmer's questions at Gutter Books.

Nash Edgerton’s The Square is on DVD today and I’m pissed that Animal Kingdom still hasn’t found its way to St. Louis. How pissed? Er, peeved anyhow.


CrimeNerd said...

Not to brag or anything, but Animal Kingdom comes to Minneapolis this Friday.

Okay, maybe a little.

Steve Weddle said...

you are becoming the go-to guy for crime fiction news/links

cool stuff

Chris said...

And don't forget that Crimefactory has their KungFuFactory special edition coming out some time in the not-too-distant future as well, which will be full of fighting fiction. That should be pretty cool.

Cavalieresq said...

Please enter me in the Out of the Gutter drawing. And thanks for a very enjoyable website.

Gonzalo B said...

I left a long comment at the B&N blog. I love boxing and boxing fiction is one of my hobbies (and yes, I wouldn't mind being in the drawing for a copy of OOTG #6).

Keith Rawson said...

You've always been the go to guy for info on the scene, Jed.
And La Tray, thanks for the KFF plug. The line up is nothing short of awesome.
And go ahead and put me in for the OOTG drawing...freaking the mag

jedidiah ayres said...

Nerd - you taunting bastard

I aint forgetting KFCf, I'm curious about that one fo-sho and PWG/Slasher issue too.

Gonzalo left a great list of boxing titles at Ransom Notes. Everybody'd do well to follow that link and check it out.

nigel p bird said...

would love to be in

and love the info and the tone

jedidiah ayres said...

And the winner is....

Pete, the nerd of noir, dragovich!

Thanks everybody. More giveaways soon