Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your Friends & Neighbors

It's tomorrow! It's the very first multi-media N@B! We's showin' movies, we's lookin' at perty perty pictures. Get the fuck out. I'm serious. Be there to get your graphic literature on with Tim Lane, Matt Kindt & Scott Phillips (8pm @ the Delmar Lounge). It's free. Get the fuck out. It is, I tell ya. A helluva value.

Also, today Big Daddy Thug, Todd Robinson publishes the final issue of Thuglit... for the foreseeable future, anyway. That's right, after five years of peddling wolf tickets to you the great unwashed, the sweet family Robinson, is locking us out. Will they ever open their doors again? Who knows, but check out all 38 fantastic issues at Thuglit.com while they're still up. And if you've got a story up there, you might wanna go ahead and print that shit up so's you've got a hard copy, 'cause you're gonna forget about it and after a while, it may disappear. The final(?) issue features new, but not fresh, stories from Garnett Elliott, David Swain, Joe Clifford Dermot Owens, Joe Deir, Mike Wilkerson, Matt Mok and Sigmund Werndorf.

Finally, do you really wanna know what the neighbors are up to? At some point in my life, I decided that I did. At Ransom Notes I'm wondering whether it was early exposure to The Hardy Boys that made me interested or whether they simply helped me contextualize what was already going on inside. Regardless, I found out what they were up to and now I'm me more or less. So, there's that... Yeah there were a few screwed up people in my neighborhoods...

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