Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crazy Larry Smells B'Con

Gutter Press, the book branch of Matt Louis's Out of the Gutter empire is officially in the swing. Aside from their Baddest of the Bad anthology from OOTG, they've got titles now from Joe McKinney, William Ingsly and I've got my eyes on that John D. MacDonald reprint - looks sticky sweet. Gotta admit, I'm not much of a Travis McGee fan, but I'll take his hardboiled standalones any time.

Jon Bassoff and the New Pulp Press crew are trying their hand at e-publishing. Curious about how that goes. Meanwhile they're preparing to publish a printed edition of Dave Zeltserman's heretofore only available digitally short story collection and Jackson Meeks' While the Devil Waits has been optioned for a film. I gotta say, I come back to that book often. Really had a unique quality that I still am hesitant to define, but the press release I read called it Charles Willeford meets Albert Camus which is good enough.

Kyle Minor wrote this piece over at HTMLGIANT about the ever emerging crime-lit scene. He had great things to say about Anthony Neil Smith especially, plus nods to a bunch of our favorite writers and publications. Thanky, Kyle.

Spintetingler reviewed the new Gerard Brennan edited supernatural tinged Irish crime anthology Requiems for the Departed story by story and assigned a different piece to several writers including me. My job was easy, I drew Ken Bruen out of the hat.

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm bemoaning my inability to get to Bouchercon this year, but encouraging everybody who does to seek out Greg Bardsley and get their picture with him before he blows up. Word is his new novel is gonna um do that.

Crimefactory editor Cameron Ashley has hit American shores - I've seen pictures of him hanging around the likes of Jimmy Callaway and Jason Dukes and I know he's invading the Rawson home soon. Here in St. Louis we're preparing for him by uh... Oh crap, we gotta get prepared. N@B is next week after all. Scott Phillips, Jonathan Woods and Chris La Tray will join the imported Ashley for a perfect storm of nastiness at the Delmar Lounge - but remember - we're starting an hour earlier. 7PM not 8.


Jimmy Callaway said...

An' I'm 'onna git Crazy Larry pregnint.

Greg Bardsley said...

Word has it that Larry is spending most of his time north of the city in the "Marin Hot Tub" country, as a quasi cult leader/organic farmer. ... But sources also say you just might find him struttin' his stuff acros Justin Herman Plaza this weekend. .. Beware