Friday, October 1, 2010

Rut: Noun/Verb

Just announced officially at the Concord Free Press site, Scott Phillips new one Rut will be available Oct. 25. Cause I’m so cool, I read this one like two years ago and I can’t wait to be able to discuss it with the rest of you hosers. It rocks. We’ll be throwing a little release party of sorts for it Oct. 21. We call it Noir at the Bar. Scott will read from Rut, I’m sure, Jonathan Woods will bring something unsettling and Cameron Ashley and Chris La Tray who both have a foot and a fist in the Kung-Fu Factory edition of Crimefactory will be on hand as well to perversify your minds.

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm talking about Hilary Davidson and her debut novel The Damage Done. While here, I'm going to go into why it's such an exciting release for me. Hilary and I both had our very first short stories published in issue 17 of ThugLit. It was my first exposure to online publishing and I had no idea what to expect as far as exposure went. Hilary’s story Anniversary went on to be selected by Ed Gorman for his yearly best of anthology and mine? Didn’t. WTF, Gorman? I was sold, however ,on the exposure that online zines could offer and have since published several more there, (none of which have made Gorman’s or Penzler’s best of the year collections btw – how bitter do I sound?)

Anyhow, good for Hilary. Even though she’d been published many times before, we shared a place for our first fiction exposure and now look at her, Miss ‘oh, I have a book out, oh, I’m so special, oh, don’t you want to be like me?’ Yeah. I guess I do. When Beat to a Pulp: Round One is here, it’ll be the fourth time we’ve had nasty stories attending the same mixer only this time, she’ll be out there on the floor with Ardai and Gorman, and Randisi and Littlefield while me and Shea hold up the wall and spike the punch. Come have some refreshing punch you dancing pretties with your books and your contracts – yeah that’s you Frank Bill- then we’ll get this party started. Bwhaaaahahaha. Ahem.

Cullen Gallagher has a little chat with Hilary here. Nice to see Joelle Charbonneau last night at Left Bank Books reading from her new one Skating Around the Law. Matthew McBride was in attendance too and I scored a couple of great used books by Denis Johnson and Pinckney Benedict.


Cullen Gallagher said...

One of these days I'm going to find myself at one of these Noir at the Bar events. No clue what I will be doing wandering around the city at night (considering I live in Brooklyn), but it will happen. And I'm looking forward to it.

Motivation to get my license? Perhaps... Crime Fiction American Book Tour.

Unknown said...

I practically begged Scott for an excerpt of Rut when he first told me about it....and I really want to make it to a N@B at the Delmar (Yes, I'm a little jealous of Cam and his single man, no obligations, traveling man status)

And the Damage Done, more than lives up to the hype.

BTW, what Johnson did you end up picking up?

jedidiah ayres said...

Cullen - licenses are overrated

Keith - I ask myself that very same question every morning

Kieran Shea said...

Spike the punch? Dude, check out the brownies I slipped on the table. Cheeyah! Things get jiving, we grab the ladies and take the Mystery Machine to the beach....well...maybe not.

Unknown said...

Damn, I'd really love to crash N@B, but the middle of the week is a no can do. Fuck! Plus I'm cramming on these edits.

jedidiah ayres said...


Cameron Ashley said...

yeah, man, CRASH!