Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laser Floyd

Took the kiddos to their first Laser Floyd show last night. The glasses have improved as has the cast - they're now calling it Tron: Legacy. If ever I were conscious of being a target demographic, but not resented it, 'twere now. I was six when Tron came out and rocked my world. Pre-William Gibson, pre-The Matrix. My oldest son is six now and yeah, they're cashing in on my nostalgia to the tune of... more than I'm comfortable spending on movie tickets, but man it was a lot of fun sitting between the kids checking out their blissed out, goggled faces. My wife dubbed it afterward "a future stoner classic," which it most certainly will be. I mean, c'mon it even features that Lebowski cat at his Dudest.

And if this isn't a Jeff Bridges Christmas, it'll do till the real thing gets here. True Grit, the latest from The Coen Brothers comes out tomorrow and these two were easily my most anticipated movies of the season. At Ransom Notes, I'm talking 'bout Grit and author Charles Portis, whose books tend to be turned into movies starring Glen Campbell, (also see Norwood).

Over at Day Labor the Crimefactory blog, I'm dispensing the honors of my best of whatever for 2010.

Meanwhile, over at Heath Lowrance's Psycho Noir, I'm delivering my contribution to his 20 essential noirs series. I like to be a little controversial and figure discussions, heated or otherwise, are the point of these lists. So, there're a bunch of titles I would love to have included, but didn't and plenty of people, I'm sure, will have issue with some of my selections. Y'all can kiss my ass.

Merry Christmas


Sean Patrick Reardon said...

I wasted way to many quarters on the Tron game they had in the mall and at my college back in the day.

jedidiah ayres said...

Light Cycle- Shit yes