Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hittin the Road

Everything goes right, I'll be in Chicago this weekend and this is your reminder, Kent Gowran, Dan O'Shea, Julian Grant, Libby Fisher Hellmann, Theresa Schwegel, Sean Chercover, Marcus Sakey, Brian Azzarello - you want a piece of me? Now's your chance.

I'd like to thank Keith Rawson for choosing my story The Whole Buffalo, (Needle #1), as one of his favorite short stories of 2010. Means a lot that somebody read it at all. It's a long one. Over at Ransom Notes I'm naming my favorite short story collections and anthologies of 2010. Please leave your two cents worth over there, 'cause I know there's some damn fine stuff I never even got around to reading, including all those electronic publications that the kids are doing these days. I hear nothing but good things about 8 Pounds by Chris F. Holm and O'Shea's piece from Discount Noir had me howling when he read it at N@B, but I'm left out in the cold on all that stuff. I was talking to Kieran Shea last night about a forthcoming e-publication project we've got our dirty little hands in and he assured me that it's the future... or assured me that someone assured him of such... we were both a little distracted by the little distractions we respectively call progeny, but the point is - somebody is reading those. Always glad to hear people are reading. Allan Guthrie told me some positive things about his own electronic sales recently and when I hear that Dave Zeltserman's new one Blood Crimes is only available electronically and that it's him at his super hardboiled darkest, I think... shit. I want to read that. Anthony Neil Smith's Psychosomatic is now available that way as are some back catalog titles from Vicki Hendricks. So you don't have to pay ridiculous amounts for used books anymore... if you're not me.

Speaking of Mr. Smith, I'll remind you that he'll be here, (with bride and Herman!), for another installment of N@B March 10. That not enough to get you here? Fine, making his N@B debut will be Kyle Minor too. Still not here? Fuck you. I'm working on something cool with Tim Lane for promoting our tawdry event that I hope to unveil then. Don't show up - you're dead to me.

And check this out. Would love to hook up with these guys, yeah. Someday we could do a N@B touring boxcar maybe cross paths.

Anybody out there not hear that Anthony Bourdain's TV show, (No Reservations still, yeah?), has filmed an Ozarks episode? I'll give you one guess as to who is featured in that one. Yup. That was easy. I'll look for that one. I really do enjoy his show and I've even read some books, though, strangely enough not his crime novels. Think I'll pick up Bone in the Throat and give it a try.


Kieran Shea said...

Jed, skip BONE IN THE THROAT and go dierctly to THE BOBBY GOLD STORIES. that is all.

jedidiah ayres said...


Scott Phillips said...

I hope no one was hurt in the making of that episode.

Rod Norman said...

Jed, Any word on John Rector accepting your offer of coming in on March 10th for N@B?

Gonzalo B said...

I read The Whole Buffalo a few days ago. Loved it. That initial passage on emasculation and wearing tight pants still cracks me up. I can't believe a story about dogs fed on body parts made me laugh so hard.

jedidiah ayres said...

Rod - I think Mr. Rector is a long shot.

Gonzalo - Thanks for reading it. Just working out my issues on the page.