Tuesday, February 15, 2011


And.... we're off. I've begun compiling and editing and formatting for this N@B anthology because I didn't have anything else to do. No, it's easy so far and I've read some pretty great stuff that I hadn't been exposed to previously. Tell you about one of those right now: Derek Nikitas sent four, count em FOUR previously published short shorts that are linked to be compiled for the first time as a single piece. And they rock. Dunno, maybe because I just read Denis Johnson's Jesus' Son, I'm on this single-voice, linked-short thing, but man, each piece is supported and enriched by the others and they build to something quite... nice? That's really not the word for it, but you know what I mean? The encouragement I've received this week regarding this project has meant a lot, so thanks everybody (especially you, Jon Bassoff). Also, add to the list of contributors I listed in the last post Dennis Tafoya and Pinckney Benedict. Please. Add them.

And while we're adding, let's talk about the next N@B event, shall we? Thursday, March 10 at 7pm (not 8) we'll be at The Delmar Lounge with Anthony Neil Smith, Kyle Minor and Richard Thomas. It's come to my attention that Randy Wayne White will be in town on the same evening at the St. Louis County Public Library, and I hate to create an ultimatum sitcheashun, but that's just how it's happening. Sorry. Them at the Library put on swell events.

Today at Ransom Notes I'm talking Craig McDonald and his latest Hector Lassiter yarn One True Sentence which is out today. Craig says it's the last of the Hector books with Hemingway trying to steal the spotlight. In this one, Hector gets to fight nihilists. I love to say that. Nihilists, Dude. Lots of exciting stuff coming up at Ransom Notes including The Terror of Living by Urban Waite which came out of fucking nowhere (to my ignorant ass) a debut racking up some serious accolades. So, as much as I bitch about being busy, it's good shit to be busy with. Don't cry for me, Argentina.

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