Thursday, April 28, 2011

El Asshole From El Paso

Have you seen the badassedness of the new Plots With Guns? Fiction from Schuyler Dickson, Richard Godwin, John McMahon, Graham Powell, Jason Stuart, Kent Westmoreland and Fred Zackel, plus a tasty excerpt from Greg Bardsley's fantastic novel Cash Out which I hope the rest of you poor not as cool as me souls can get your hands on soon. Oh, yeah, Cameron Ashley and Jimmy Callaway share credit on a story in there too. Attention whores. Sure, write a story in the same issue you get your pictures up as the artwork. Have you checked out the art for this issue? The theme is 'Getting Our Asses Kicked by the Giants of Crime Fiction,' and it features The Worm having his neck broke by Lee Child and Mr. Fosters being smothered by Christa Faust as well as Reed Farrel Coleman garroting Seth Harwood and yours truly taking a sock to the kisser from George Pelecanos. Nice, huh? Was really hoping there'd be a shot of Steve Weddle being kicked in the nuts by Johnny Temple, but photo ops, who knows? If only there were a way of getting the two of them in the same room... Still, hats off to Erik Lundy, Marty McCabe, Sean O'Kane and Gonzalo Baeza on their editorial maiden voyage and congrats to Anthony Neil Smith for kicking back and taking all the credit.

Speaking of online literary journals getting an injection of badass - I've had my eye on Fried Chicken and Coffee for a bit now. Dunno when I could submit something, but I'd like to. (I will have a hardboiled sci-fi piece up at Beat to a Pulp in a week or two, so there's that.) And I believe that none other than Scott Wolven will be doing some fiction editing over at The New Guard, so if you feel your oats enough to risk rejection by the very best, I'd check that out.

So, then. Friday night, Kinky Friedman is playing in St. Louis and it's a mere all the money I have in the world to go see him. Reaaalllly thinking about it, though. Jeez, the Kinkster this week and Steve Earle in a couple more? What's next, a Charlie Louvin and Benjamin Whitmer tour stop? I wouldn't complain.

Over at Ransom Notes, I'm talking Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth's Stumptown and Rob Guillory and John Layman's Chew - both of which I was exposed to through the noble and altruistic efforts of Kieran Shea. Thanky sir.


Jimmy Callaway said...

I'm really more of an attention slut, technically.

Anonymous said...

I real knock out job over at Plots with Guns. Best theme ever. Hats off to the guys, especially Lundy for the graphic work. Love the photo art. When did you all put that together, the photos?

Going to have to check out your talk with Rucka and Guillory, two awesome guys there. Almost did a comic with Guillory. Damn that Layman and his promise of Image gold.

jedidiah ayres said...

Ron - those photos came outta B'Con and Noir Con last fall. And to clear it a little I'm talking about Rucka - not to him.

Maybe somebody'll kick you in the head in St. Louis and we can get a picture?

Matthew McBride said...

Jed - great post. Everything you said was fucking funny. Congrats on the Beat To A Pulp story dude. In St. Louis we'll get a picture of Ron Earl getting round housed by Crazy Mike.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Wondered if you'd like to do a piece for HOW I CAME TO WRITE THIS STORY. No problem if you are too busy. I'm looking at dates in early June.

Kent said...

Charlie Louvin is gone now, but I'm really looking forward to Whitmer's bio of the man.