Monday, December 12, 2011

FLOST - Pics From the Set

So, Julian Grant and crew are quickly approaching the wrap of shooting Fuckload of Scotch Tape. I'm pleased as hell with the stills I've seen from the location shoots. Thought I'd post some here for your whetting benefit.

The above is from Exit Chicago - the set for my fictional strip club The Beaver Cleaver. I'm told that JG (in the hat) keeps his clothes on.

Louie Lawless as Chuck. Watch out.

 Hannah Phelps as Trish. Poor, poor Trish.

 More Exit atmosphere.

 The titular fuckload of tape.

Graham Jenkins as Benji. Benji, come home.

It's all fun and games till somebody loses a limb.

Graham Jenkins, Ben Nicholson and Julian Grant between takes at Carl's Bad Tavern (Gold Star Bar

Vaughnj The Chameleon brings a Road Warrior vibe to The Beaver Cleaver.

Stay tuned for more progress reports. 

In tangential news, Paul Von Stoetzel has locked in a DP for his short film based on my story Viscosity (Out of the Gutter #6) to begin shooting soon. Can't wait to see this one too. 


Ben said...

Dude, Jed. This is so FUCKING COOL. Where can I read the original?

jedidiah ayres said...

Ben - follow the link on the right hand side of the screen to order Out of the Gutter #5 featuring my story Fuckload of Scotch Tape... Great issue also featuring Vicki Hendricks, Charlie Stella, Greg Bardsley, Jordan Harper, Nik Korpon, David Cranmer, Mike Sheeter, Sophie Littlefield and more

Julian Grant's film also follows my story Mahogany & Monogamy from Blood, Guts & Whiskey - the two stories overlap

jedidiah ayres said...

OOTG 5 also has Glenn Gray!

Ben said...

on it, thanks

Kent said...

When I was younger, I often spent time at the Exit. When I was older, and lived in the neighborhood, I spent time at the Gold Star.

Now I just drink at home.

Looking forward to seeing this movie.