Thursday, October 25, 2012

Argo Fuck Yourself

F*ckload of Scotch Tape has a DVD release date - Halloween - and as a very special feature it will include Paul von Stoetzel's short film Viscosity - which I'll be catching again on the big screen on November 19 during the St. Louis International Film Festival. FLOST just had three screenings at the Chicago International Film Festival - none of which I was able to attend, but it sounds like Julian Grant and crew enjoyed the turnout and feedback.

Something that I was able to attend last week - Daniel Woodrell's stop at the St. Louis County Library where he read a lengthy passage from his next novel The Maid's Version for the very first time - suck it, rest of the world. Declan Burke wrote this piece about DW for the Irish Times recently. Nice. Also, got to see Dennis Lehane that week in St. Louis and he says Ben Affleck will be adapting Live By Night as his next film (the second Lehane adaptation for Affleck after Gone Baby Gone). Took in Affleck's latest, Argo this week and he continues to impress me as a film maker - nothing particularly new or gimmicky, just solid fast-ball down the middle film making that featured at least three fantastic sequences.

Had coffee with N@B alum Tim Lane the other night and he told me that digital issues of his underground comic Belligerent Piano will soon be available from Fantagraphics. If Noir at the Bar Vol. 2 is your very first exposure to Lane's work - do yourself a favor and check out his book Abandoned Cars or avail yourself of these digital comics - his work is amazing and our slap-dash reprinting of his story Spike isn't the glorious full-page presentation his work deserves.

You want some more good news on the pulp fiction publishing front? Looks like Thuglit will soon be available for Kindle as well as in print. Todd Robinson is working hard so all you degenerates can take your lumps in the manner of your choosing. This is teh goods. Meanwhile Out of the Gutter continues its transformation from old-school pulp mag to digital sleazine with this call for submissions for issue #8. Ryan Sayles? Tom Pitts? Whoever over there is the one to see - N@B is sending Sonia L. Coney your way, I hopes ya pay attention.

Matthew McBride has a helluva entertaining conversation with actor/writer W. Earl Brown over at Got Pulp? Brown is best known for his role as Dan Dority on Deadwood, but he's been in tonsashit, and apparently was a classmate of Scully herself, Gillian Anderson. Go the hell read it. I'd love to see McBride interview more folks, he got in there good.

I'm looking forward to seeing Matt and other N@B survivors like Frank Bill, David James Keaton and Les Edgerton in Corydon, Indiana next Saturday, November 3. Sounds like the Booked podcast crew will be hauling some folks down from Chicago (perhaps more N@B pals like Richard Thomas, Dan O'Shea and Kevin Lynn Helmick?) Anyhow, go the hell to Beef O'Brady's Saturday night - we'll put on a helluva show - promise. Have you seen the cover of Les's next book, The Rapist? Good gawd, that's striking. And Helmick's got a hot novella tearing ass down the lost highway in a matter of weeks, look for Driving Alone soon.


Les Edgerton said...

Jed, you made my day showing my cover for my new novel, THE RAPIST. I have some kind of bad news--I can't make it down for Frank Bill's event in Corydon. Just no bucks. Ran up some med bills from Bouchercon and then the engine on our only car is going out and with the vow of poverty I took as a writer, just no funds... I'll be lifting a glass of Jack to you guys and wishing like hell I was with ya! Knock 'em dead, guys and gals!

jedidiah ayres said...

Crap. You'll be missed. The Rapist has a startling cover/title one-two combo - can't wait.