Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Saturday

The holiday season is already piling upon us and if you, like me, need a bulldozer to scoop that fat fucker off your bloated, hungover corpse, come on out to the Meshuggah Cafe on Saturday, November 24 for a reprieve from the weighty shackles of manners, modesty and decorum. N@B is throwing a party without pants... Which is just as well, because none of mine will fit by the weekend.

What does this mean?

It, the hell, means that you can blow off a little rowdy steam alongside some classy-ass delinquents who draw first blood in the good fight against dull literature. While imbibing some local brews, you can listen to some nasty fictions read aloud by their creators who're traveling to your city from Chicago, Indianapolis and even Melbourne, Australia to help you get your rocks off.

In alfa-beta-call orders:

Jedidiah Ayres - A F*ckload of Shorts - That's right, I'm promoting my own shit at this event. Deal with it. This will be the first St. Louis event that my book's been available for... And you should buy it... twice.

Sonia L. Coney - Noir at the Bar Vol. 2 - The former St. Louisan returns for another shot at the shock title. Her debut N@B reading made the whole room squirm, and her story Dead By Dawn from the new N@B2 is her first published fiction. Damn proud to say that I got to be the first to unleash her on the unsuspecting public. This will also be the first St. Louis event with N@B2 available for purchase and signatures. Bring some money.

CJ Edwards - Uncle B's Drive-In Fiction - Edwards is a police officer in Indianapolis who writes kick-assedness from both sides of the legal line. He might give us a Blue Christmas or go beyond the pale with keen insights into criminal logic gleaned from his day job. You want a taste? Check out his live reading as recorded by Booked podcast a couple weeks ago in Corydon, IN.

Kent Gowran - Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels - I've been trying to get Kent's ass down here for a N@B event for... Since the damn thing started four years ago. So, I'm bloody excited to finally shed his friggin prom dress and get the goods. Nice timing that now he's got his own book to pimp which features a lotta N@B alum like Glenn Gray, Cameron Ashley, Frank Bill, Matthew C. Funk and Dan O'Shea.

Kevin Lynn Helmick - Driving Alone - Kevin's making his second appearance at N@B, this time in support of his brand spankin' new novella Driving Alone. I read this sweaty, bloody, road noir in a single sitting, and you can too. It'll be available to the public for the very first time at the event.

Liam Jose - Crime Factory - Liam is one of those Australian fellas responsible for re-animating David Honeybone's cult magazine Crime Factory - which, as a free digital zine (also available in print in exchange for currency), has championed a lot of fine fiction writers as well as given critical attention, and provided keen insight to some seriously undersung heroes of our brand of dirty crime books and film. Oh yeah, Liam writes fiction too.

Matthew McBride - Frank Sinatra in a Blender - McBride's debut novel is finally available in paperback, and lemme tell you, it's a fuckin nut-wringer. This will actually be Matt's third appearance at N@B (fifth if you include two in Corydon, IN.) and there's a good reason he keeps getting begged back. Not only can this guy fuckin write, he can fuckin read that shit too. Booked podcast just reviewed FSIAB - give it a listen. And hell, listen to THIS EPISODE for a taste of Matt reading his story The Tar Hole from N@B2.

And our host: Scott Phillips, who wrote one of my all-time favorite holiday tales, The Ice Harvest will be there to lead the parade and take the rap.

So be the hell there, or be the fuck sorry you missed this sweet-ass, crime fiction throw-down.

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Kieran Shea said...

Hey: You missed this, bro. Perfect stocking stuffer with my story THE BEAR in the mix!