Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beasts of the Southern Wild

As if the good people of New Orleans haven't been through enough, Jason Stuart brings N@B to the Crescent City tonight. With him will be Peter Farris, Bill Loehfelm, Kent Westmoreland, Ted O'Brien and Greg Herren. If you're about - N@B-NOLA is here. Punch and pie.

Then, in one week on January 20, N@B-LA is back with Jordan Harper, Anonymous-9, Nolan Knight, Paul Bishop and Tyler Dilts. Go, the fuck, get your mitts on a copy of American Death Songs - I hear that attendees may get a first-look at Midnight Rider - the short film based on Harper's story of the same name - starring Lump from The Lady Killers! Ought to be badass.

One week after that, two nights after he's the cracked belle of the ball at The Mysterious Bookshop for The Hard Bounce release party, Todd Robinson and Glenn Gray bring N@B-NY with... I dunno, but Hilary Davidson has promised that it's gonna rock. BTW - I have it on good authority that the good Dr. Gray has his very own short story collection coming soon. That's gonna be one disgusting motherfucking book. I can't wait.

And while it's not going by the handle Noir at the Bar, GQ & FSG's rhyme-free "Drinking & Entertainment" event featuring  N@B stalwart Frank Bill couldn't be a bad option for your Wednesday night... if you're in New York... And have a ticket.

And if you happen to be down So-Cal way and didn't get your fill in L.A., San Diego gets on board January 31 with Eric Beetner, Aaron Philip Clark, Ed LaValle, Steve Willard and Justin Robinson at Players Sports Bar in cooperation with Mysterious Galaxy.

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