Monday, January 28, 2013

Killing Them Coldly... Not Particularly Softly

Holy crap, it's N@B time again, kids. And this time around, I'm a pleased little promoter to have a brand new local talent to tout. Clayton Lindemuth's debut novel Cold Quiet Country knocked me sideways, down and nearly knocked me up. It's a nasty slice of rural Wyoming noir in the vein of Tom Franklin and William Gay, and I don't know how it stayed under my radar as long as it did. Radar fucking reprimanded (if you like to eRead 'em it's only 99cents at the moment). Clay will be reading something brutal and beauti - brutiful - at Noir at the Bar, Saturday, March 23...

You're gonna wanna make some room in your social calendar, 'cause not only is Clay going to knock your socks off, but Frank Wheeler Jr. will leave a you a surprise inside (so, careful putting those socks back on). Frank's debut The Wowzer was one of my favorite books of 2012, and if you've not yet made the acquaintance of Deputy Jerry, you damn well oughtta (you'll know him by his trail of dead, and perhaps recognize some of his spiritual ancestors - Jim Thompson's Lou Ford, Nick Corey or hell, Sheriff Bittersmith of Cold Quiet Country).

Couple more readers pending confirmation, but this is going to be a helluva hi-quality event. Get you ass the hell here.


RJR said...

Wish I could make it. It's a long drive but it's not out of the question. What's the date? I'll have to go back and look at the post, again.


jedidiah ayres said...

Love to have you and your sick lil lady too. March 23. Saturday