Friday, March 1, 2013

My Poddy Mouth

Couple links for the kids. First up, over at Dead End FolliesBenoit Lelievre posted this interview with me, in which I confess that "I wanted to write something that would hurt the reader." Classy, no? Did I succeed with Fierce Bitches? (shrug) Meh... Thanks, Benoit for the kindly attentions.

Next, I had a chance to chat with the Books & Booze podcast about uh, books and booze as well as movies, adaptations, my propensity for giving my books terrible titles and Noir at the Bar. I very much enjoyed talking with Jessica, Renee and Dakota - Thanks for having me on. I had the pleasure of meeting Dakota in person last November at the Corydon N@B event and he introduced me to the podcast then. Of course at that event we were being documented by the Booked podcast, and those guys have been just super swell to me, so I was happy to hear they'd recently gone to The Poddies and taken home a Streamer for Best Ever Podcast on Earth (or something along those lines) - well done, Robb & Livius. Did you know that Booked even has its own anthology coming soon? Well, they do.

Any day now, my second appearance on Seth Harwood's CrimeWav podcast should be popping up. Seth's site is my favorite place to get crime fiction in audible form (until Matthew McBride's Frank Sinatra in a Blender is available as an audio-title - or Dan O'Shea's Pennance - which I hear rumors of a possible authorial delivery on that audiobook). Till then, go catch up. Seth - whose This is Life and Young Junius have just become available in print again! - has brought the CrimeWav back recently with good shit from Frank Wheeler Jr. and Richie Narvaez. Go check it out. 

Y'know Tim Lane, aside from being a fantastic artist and writer, also dabbles in old-timey-radio-drama-esque storytelling... I'd love to see - er - hear him turn Happy Hour in America into a podcast. He'd do it up with period-appropriate advertising and everything.

If you dig that kind of thing, bend your ear toward Joel Metzger's Hothouse Bruiser podcast (or app for your earphone doohicky) - kind of a pulpy, hardboiled dystopian thing featuring the voice talents of (among others) Denise Crosby! - man, I had juuuust a bit of a thing for her when STNG came out - and I've enjoyed seeing her again on odd episodes of Southland (which I'm catching up with on DVD). But I digress, there are other reasons to give it a try. 

Speaking of hardboiled sci-fi pulp, my first crack at that kinda vibe is included in the David Cranmer edited Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled 2, and guess what? It's now available electronically with the paperback option to follow in a week or two. But really, all this talk of hardboiled sci-fi has me jonesing for one thing and one thing only - Koko Takes a Holiday by Kieran Shea. When? Soon. Not soon enough, but soon we will get the novel that got its start with this kick ass story.

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