Friday, June 14, 2013

Texas Strangers

Setting out for Austin this weekend where I'll rendezvous with world-touring author Scott Phillips (I hope you saw him, Oxford, MS. and I sure as shit hope you go see him, Houston, Fayetteville, Wichita and Lawrence!) where I understand that the locals have arranged something called a snipe-hunt in our honor. Shit, sounds like a good time, and I sure could use one. We'll be reading at N@B-Austin along with Jesse Sublett and the man himself, Scott Montgomery. It's gonna be wrong. All wrong. And YOU need to be there. To help get Austin stretched and lubed for the big event, Montgomery interviewed me'n Scott over at the Mystery People blog. Go read that shit.

You've also got another few days to stream the radio show Jason Braun conducted with me and David James Keaton on KDHX's Literature For the Halibut. Listen how silly we sound every time someone tries to say the name of one of my books over the FCC's airwaves. Click here and select stream episode - it's the June 3 show. BTW - Keaton kills with a reading of Shock Collar from Fish Bites Cop.

And hey, St. Louis, it's not a N@B event, but you should show the hell up for Books and Booze live at Cicero's on Saturday, June 22. The B&B podcast hosts Jessica Taylor, Dakota Taylor & Renee Pickup will be together for the first time ever (I'm pulling that fact out of my ass, I dunno if they've ever occupied the same space) along with readers you may know from previous N@B events - Gordon Highland, David James Keaton and Fred Venturini plus J. David Osborne, Salvatore Pane and Brandon Tietz.

Also, here's a piece I wrote for the Barnes & Noble blog about the dirty minds of children's authors like Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling and Daniel Handler. I just finished reading John Hornor Jacobs' The Twelve-Fingered Boy to my own kids and was thinking about stuff like that. BTW - my kids (and I) can't wait for the second installment of Jacobs' YA trilogy. They were pretty disappointed to learn they had to wait another year or so.

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