Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shonkamile in His Shoes

Hey St. Louis folks, c'mon out to The Bookhouse in Maplewood for an event with N@B favorite sons Scott Phillips and Venturini plus James Brubaker who join Eric Shonkwiler on his big-ass book tour (that is a large in scope tour in support of his novel Above All Men - not a tour in support of a photo essay book on ample posteriors - though, I'd get that book too). Looking forward to reading Above All Men - I hear good things - having first come across Shonkwiler's fiction alongside folks like Tim Hennessy and Jason Lee Brown in Midwestern Gothic.

Really tho - have you checked out the epic scope of Shonkwiler's tour (something like 35 cities in sixty days - all held together by a lotta guts and a little communal savvy)? Holy crap. Good luck, sir.  Hell, I'll even be getting in on the fun Saturday night in Indianapolis. I'll join Eric, Sarah Layden and Adam Fleming Petty for shenanigans and shitkicking in the form of audible words. Libations will help. Hoping to see some Indy friends there... Lou Perry, CJ Edwards, Carrie Gaffney, Alec Cizak, Maurice Broaddus, James Ward Kirk... Kyle Minor? You guys around?

More opportunities to abuse me in person soon! I'll see you at The St. Louis Small Press Expo w/ Blank Slate Press among others, N@B at Nightbird Books in Fayetteville, Arkansas w/ Scott Phillips, John Hornor Jacobs and Jakes Hinkson, Lit in the Lou w/ Qiu Xiaolong, John Hendrix, Ridley Pearson and more, Noircon in Philadelphia w/hell, you'll all be there, right? and a NANOWRIMO themed thingamabob at the Maplewood Library in November... details to come.

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