Sunday, January 4, 2015

N@B Newsletter Vol. 3

David James Keaton - 2014 saw the landing of Keaton's first novel, The Last Projector, and sometime in 2016 we'll probably hear the last of the thundering echoes of said landing. It's a monster, folks. Baffling, blustering, boisterous, badass. Time machines and incest and doggelgangers, plus plenty more bashing of authorities from N@B's resident wild one. How will Keats follow it up? With a weird western titled Pig Iron due from Burnt Bridge real soon. I believe I was present at the genesis of this one folks, as was Les Edgerton, Erik Lundy and N@B's late, great Cort McMeel. That was a great night, so I suspect it'll be a great book.

Matt Kindt - Dude is killing it with Mind MGMT on a monthly basis, plus motherfucker is contributing to the Star Wars universe with Rebel Heist?!? What's left, Kindt? I think there's space enough for a fifth likeness on Rushmore. 

Tim Lane - Lane's first book, Abandoned Cars, was a haunted trip down back road America that blended gorgeous film noir inspired black and white artwork inflected with surreal touches and natural prose that reveled in the mundane, the absurd and existential dread. 2014's The Lonesome Go is more of the same and just... more. Achingly beautiful and dreadful and a masterwork. Be sure to set an alarm if you're going to begin, you're bound to lose yourself inside. 

Chris La Tray - Missoula's metal man, N@B's fuckbeastiest member and modern pulp's most probable werewolf La Tray continues to rove the wilds of the country making musical mayhem and slaughtering silence with aplomb. A little too quiet on the fiction front for my appetites, but please avail yourself of what's out there and don't forget to stop by the Tater Pig Trading Company for a Harden The Fuck Up sticker or DonkeyGirl Wolf tunic dress!

Clayton Lindemuth - Lindemuth's two-year output was remarkable not just for the number of books or their breadth of scope (rough fiction, financial theory and consolation for those bereft of beloved dogs), but for the quality of the prose and storytelling (in the fiction). If you're wondering whether to check out Lindemuth's latest novel Tread, get thee to his website where you can read And Sometimes Bone, the pre-quel to Nothing Save the Bones Inside Her for free. 

Erik Lundy - KCMo's resident badass and one man knuckle-sammich distribution hub Lundy wields other titles like writer, illustrator, graphic designer and stand up comedian, but most importantly - he keeps me amused. A-muz-ed. Scroll through his Knuckle Sammich site anytime you need to scratch an itch relating to food, crafts, boobies, mustaches or monkeys. Not always my first stop, but always my last.

Jason Makansi - Patriarch of the Makansi writing dynasty and super smart dude who frequently slums with the great unwashed at N@B. Gotta gotta gotta convince him to slum a bit more, 'cause his  performance at N@B is still the best use of 'nipples' we've yet had. Looking for some nastkansi flavor to sprinkle on my new year.

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