Tuesday, February 2, 2016

N@B - Badly Broken

Recently I was asked how to deal with offended persons (participants and patrons) at N@B events - to which I could only respond: fucking get over it. It's a rude event. It's uncouth. It's raw. It's often awful. I get offended at N@B events and I hope everybody else who participates or attends regularly does too. If you're not offended, you're not paying attention... or you're not human... or you are reading at the wrong event... or it's a piss-poor event - in which case, I'm sorry sorry for you. If the noir ain't bringing it, I hope the bar does.

So hey, N@B-STL is back at Meshuggah for an event April 9 at 7pm with a lineup of degenerates I've had on my radar for too long. I'm most offended by the infrequency of these events the past couple years. I hope we're pulling out of a slump here and can get back to a more satisfying pace. Certainly if I get the enthusiastic level of commitment from regional writers hearty enough to brave the roads I'll be all about it.

And I'm a prideful prick about this here lineup: Jonathan Ashley, Greg Barth, Amanda Gowin, Joe Schwartz and Tim L. Williams. Fucking be there.


Dana King said...

I can see a "patron" who didn't know what to expect and gets offended, especially if it's a more open venue and they're just sitting at the bar not knowing what's going on over on the other side and they find themselves hearing a story about a dead prostitute pulling a train. Aside from that, maybe a patron comes in not expecting "Alfred Hichcock's No Foul Language Mystery Magazine" and gets "Thuglit Squared.' Okay maybe that person, too. But patrons who know the deal? Shut the fuck up. And participants? Shut the fuck up and bar them from future readings until they appear at another event and to make sincere and humiliating apology. (And maybe have to be the caboose on that dead hooker train.)

jedidiah ayres said...

Clearly, Dana, we need you to get your ass down here and read