Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The New Boss

As Todd Robinson and Thuglit bid adieu with Last Writes... Plots With Guns picks up again with a completely boss new issue (lookit that swell design from N@B-alum Erik Lundy, eh? It is Lundy, right? It looks like Lundy).

Look at these lineups man: PWG has Benjamin Whitmer, Rusty Barnes, Patricia Abbott, Paul J. Garth, Leza Cantorel, Preston Lang, Math Bird and Paul Heatley,  and Thuglit's final barrage is S.A. Cosby, Mike McCrary, Dale T. Phillips, James Queally, Patrick Cooper, Nick Kolakowski, Nick Manzolillo, Aaron Fox-Lerner, Andrew Paul, Kyle Summerall, William Soldan and Blair Kroeber.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

The king may be dead, but the jester is running wild with the concubines. Don't forget Boo & Junior leave a big number two in a few short weeks. Rough Trade is landing soon, so stock up on Lysol and get The Hard Bounce under your belt if you haven't yet.

And next up for my summer reading is PWG contributor Rusty Barnes' new one Ridgerunner. Fucking loved Mostly Redneck and Reckoning. I'm counting on this brief novel to bonerfy my situation. And fuckin 280 Steps, man. Got new shit from C.J. Howell out and from Andrew Nette and Jonathan Ashley on the way. Pay attention.

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