Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ewell Gnomee

Saturday July 30th kids, come on out to Meshuggah in University City for a St. Louis Noir release party N@B throwdown. One of our goup exercises in alienation will commence in honor of the book that bears our brand at 7pm with editor, host and emcee Scott Phillips plus contributors to the anthology reading from it - N@B alumn: Laura Benedict and S. L. Coney, 'bout damn timers John Lutz, LaVelle Wilkins-Chinn and Calvin Wilson. Plus me. I'll be in there somewhere and read from my story Have You Seen Me? You will know me by my exceedingly awkward manner.

Wednesday the 27th you will know me by my exceedingly starstruck eyes at the St. Louis County Library HQ where I'll be in attendance at Megan Abbott's tour stop for You Will Know Me, which is, shit, it's getting all the attentions from the fancy people. 'Bout damn time on that count too.

And on Wednesday, August 3rd The Hardboiled Wonderland Film Series continues at the Maplewood Library at 7pm with Neil Jordan's 1986 Mona Lisa starring Bob Hoskins, Cathy Tyson and Michael Caine. If you're tired of the brutal summer heat find solace and menace indoors with me. You will know me by my pale, face and dazed expression. Hey, free movie - and good fucking luck renting this one. If you've never seen it drop on by.

I'll be at another event in support of St. Louis Noir at the St. Louis County Library HQ on Tuesday, August 18. No idea what I'll read there as it will surely be a more cultured crowd than the N@B event. You will know me by my general unkempt uncouthitude.

Pretty much how you'll know me at Bouchercon in New Orleans come September too. That and my classy roommates Grant Jerkins and Jeremy Stabile - who've got some plans for Grant's suuuuper nasty and just, holy shit where does this guy get the balls to do that? book Abnormal Man. Seriously, I read that thing at the pool a couple weeks back and they had to clear everybody out and scrub the place down afterward. It is hideous and probably the best thing he's yet produced. 

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