Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Blood & Gasoline

Pleased to announce I've got a new story, Little White Lines, appearing in the anthology Blood & Gasoline edited by Mario Acevedo arriving May 1. They's even a pre-order link for that shit here. If my story isn't enough to getcha interested then check out my partners in crime: Les Edgerton, Gary Phillips, Jon Bassoff, Gabino Iglesias, James R. Tuck, Manuel Ramos, Carter Wilson, Catherine Dilts, Angie Hodapp, Jeanne C. Stein, Warren Hammond, Merit Clark, Travis Heermann, Robert Jeschonek, Quincy Allen, Joshua Viola and Sean Eads. If you're a big nerd who reads all my stories it may be of interest to you that Little White Lines connects two previous stories - The Plot and Have You Seen Me? from Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked & Loaded  (Both Barrels vol. 3) and St. Louis Noir respectively.

Fierce Bitches is now officially and completely out of print - as in you can't even get that shit on Kindle anymore. The last set of paperbacks made their way from Australia and I've got a few I can sell directly to you via Paypal if you're interested. The french translation Les Féroces is coming in November from Editions les Arènes' EquinoX line. I saw its first mention in this interview with EquinoX publisher Aurélien Masson and was amused by the claim that I am the son of a Texan pastor. Not to split Ayres, but while it's true I'm a p-k my father pastored churches in Kansas and Arkansas (never Texas I'm afraid). 

Fierce Bitches/Les Féroces comes right out of being a pastor's kid. I've said it before, but besides being allegorical it's also a riff on certain old testament stories - a writing habit I continue to use. I talked a little bit about that in an interview this week at Digital Media Ghost. Will Viharo posed the questions and I was happy to say things I may later regret. Thanks, Will. Also - check out that sweet ass author photo taken by Scott Phillips.

Dropping this week from ABC Group is Grant Jerkins' razor sharp story collection A Scholar of Pain which I was honored to give a blurb to (and here it is)..."A Scholar of Pain hits that literary sweet spot: Could be crime fiction, might be southern gothic - or even horror. The stories are funny as hell, too. And compassionate. In fact Jerkins' voice is amongst the most compassionate I've heard, because he extends it to some hideous wretches in a way that underscores the humanity I share with them. I heartily recommend Grant Jerkins." It's available to order now

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