Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thanks, Knucks

Hey - banner day at chez Ayres as a new review of Peckerwood dropped on the blog of a mighty fine writer of crime Charlie Stella. I know, I know, my head is huuuge. Sharing the spotlight with my tawdry tale of podunk criminality is Rubdown by Leigh Redhead, American Static by Tom Pitts, and Hunger by Knut Hamsun. So give that piece a gander right over here.

Gratifying to see people continue to find that four-year-old book and it hasn't gotten old reading new thoughts on it.

And I'm certainly not the only writer who appreciates it. Frankly, word of mouth amongst you Tweeters and FB faithful, you Goodreading Amazonian reviewers, you stalwart bloggers out there - it's what drives new readers to mine and, I suspect, most writers' work any more - hell, Dave Zeltserman said this week that it was Peter Dragovich's The Nerd of Noir blog that turned director E.L. Katz onto his novel Small Crimes and not the terrific NPR kudos it also holds.

So here's a proposal.

Post a new review on your blog, on Goodreads or Amazon of a book by any of the St. Louis N@B event participants and let me know about it on Twitter or Face Book or in comments on this blog by next Sunday - March 26 and I'll send (five of) you a book of your choosing straight off one of my overburdened home shelves (five of you in the continental U.S. - sorry).

Regardless your honest take on the book I'll post links to your blog or review site here at Hardboiled Wonderland. Here's a helpful list of the eligible authors to cover - and yeah, anthologies they're included in count - as long as you mention their contribution specifically.

Cameron Ashley             Jake Hinkson                 Tawny Pike
Jonathan Ashley             Joseph Hirsch                Robert J. Randisi
Jedidiah Ayres                John Hornor Jacobs     John Rector
Greg Barth                       Liam Jose                       Caleb J. Ross
Laura Benedict               Tasha Kaminsky             John Joseph Ryan
Pinckney Benedict        David James Keaton       Joe Schwartz
Frank Bill                        Byron Kerman                 Theresa Schwegel
William Boyle                 Matt Kindt                       Anthony Neil Smith
Jane Bradley                   Tim Lane                          Malachi Stone
Liam Cassidy                  Chris La Tray                   Jason Stuart
David Cirillo                   Clayton Lindemuth        Duane Swierczynski
S. L. Coney                       Erik Lundy                     John F. D. Taff
Hilary Davidson              John Lutz                       Dennis Tafoya
Sean Doolittle                Jason Makansi               Richard Thomas
Christopher J. Dupuy    Matthew McBride          Mark W. Tiedemann
Les Edgerton                   John McGoran                Fred Venturini
C. J. Edwards                  Cort McMeel                    Frank Wheeler Jr.
Matthew C. Funk            Kyle Minor                       Benjamin Whitmer
Jesus Angel Garcia     Aaron Michael Morales     Lavelle Wilkins-Chinn
Amanda Gowin               Derek Nikitas                  Tim L. Williams
Kent Gowran                   J. David Osborne            Calvin Wilson
Glenn Gray                      Dan O'Shea                       Jonathan Woods
Kevin Lynn Helmick      Ande Parks                       Josh Woods
Gordon Highland            Scott Phillips                   Nic Young

Exactly what kind of crap do I have to send you? I'm not gonna promise you a pristine copy, but I've got good shit to share including books by 

J. I. Baker                        Craig Holden                Walter Mosley
Josh Bazell                      Ryan David Jahn          Stuart Neville
Laura Benedict                Grant Jerkins                  Jim Nisbet
Lawrence Block               Craig Johnson             Joyce Carol Oates
Ken Bruen                       Denis Johnson               George Pelecanos
Reed Farrel Coleman      Owen Laukanen             Tom Piccirilli
James Crumley                 Dennis Lehane              John Rector
Hilary Davidson               Elmore Leonard            J. D. Rhoades
Garry Disher                     Laura Lippman            Sebastian Rotella
Allen Eskens                    Sophie Littlefield       John Joseph Ryan
Christa Faust                     John Lutz                     Theresa Schwegel
Victor Gischler                  Cormac McCarthy       Johnny Shaw
Denise Hamilton               Craig McDonald            Jason Starr
Libby Fischer Hellmann    John McFetridge           Andrew Vachss
Carl Hiaasen                      Adrian McKinty           Urban Waite

So if you do that kind of thing, or have thought about it... or if you just wanna get a book in the mail please participate.

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