Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Season Finale

I accidentally deleted a long piece I'd been working on for weeks to accompany this link to my most recent appearance on the Watch With Jen podcast so you'll just take my word for it that I unpacked points from my discussion with Jen Johans about crime film remakes from the 1990s in especially clever and illuminating ways. 

And totally won all the arguments started on the show. Totally.

Still, you can listen to the conversation and still hear some very questionable takes from yours truly about which remakes I preferred to the originals here. Lotta big names dropped in that mix... Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Siodmak, Akira Kurosawa, Sam Peckinpah, Sergio Leone, Steven Soderbergh, Walter Hill... plus Johnny Hallyday and Larry Mullen Jr.

Also, Megan Abbott joins Jen in this week's episode (the second season's premier... does that make me the 2020 season finale?) to discuss some underrated Martin Scorsese picks. Good stuff. 

Speaking of Megan Abbott, you can now watch the Dare Me TV show's entire run on Netflix. Also, you can check out Jen's best of 2020 list over here

Meanwhile I'm mulling over my 2020 crime flick picks still. Watched 1111 movies last year, though not that many from 2020 itself due to all the weirdness around movie theaters, pulled releases and shit. So... I'll get back to you soon on that shit. 

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