Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Happy Free Comics day. I hope you’re out supporting your local funny papers store and while you are, be sure to pick up The 6th Gun by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, a civil war evil-dead mash up from them that brought you The Damned, (the prohibition gangsters & demons mash up). Also be looking for Hurtt’s collaboration with Gary Phillips that uh, I can't think of the name of... uh... coming soon.

Over at Ransom Notes, I address J.T. Ellison’s sick new book, The Cold Room and the uncomfortable parallels to reality the premise holds. I’ll refer you here to Craig McDonald’s post on the subject matter, which is also the unsettling subject matter of his Toros & Torsos. Laura Benedict interviews Ellison here.

And speaking of McDonald and his blog, he’s doing a series called opening up the vault or something where he’s publishing uncollected interviews. He led off with Megan Abbott and he’s just posted one with Victor Gischler. In other ‘nets interviews, Rod Norman blazes on and Keith Rawson continues his video series with Ace Atkins.

Speaking of lady Benedict, I’ll go ahead and make the official announcement that Noir @ the Bar will be hosting she and her husband, the excellent Pinckney Benedict along with Scott Phillips, myself and possibly a super cool surprise guest Thursday, June 3 at 8pm at The Delmar Lounge in the University City Loop. Pinckney will be there in support of his brand new short story collection, Miracle Boy and Other Stories and maybe, if you ask really pretty like, you could have all three of us, (me and the B’s) scrawl on yer copy of Surreal South ’09 while Scott looks on forlornly. So mark it on yer calendars, scorch it into you iPads, tattoo it on yer special friend’s back side, just don’t not be there. More N@B events coming soon, so tune in.

In fairness, Scott’s been included in some fair anthologies himself. Why, I recall a while back he helped kill a promising little journal name-a Murdaland. That second and final issue contained a novel excerpt from Rudolf Wurlitzer and just this week, I started reading the book it came from, The Drop Edge of Yonder, and holy crap, it’s a gem. Reads a bit like Tom Franklin’s Smonk or if David Milch made a Grizzly Adams show. If that don’t sell ya, well, friend there’s plenty o’ John Grisham at the book store.

Lastly, I’m also reading Frank Bill’s Donnybrook manuscript being shopped to publishers presently and it’s a wild ride. I’m picturing it as a Hard Case Crime book with a great, Burt Reynolds in White Lightening style cover. Do not, ring the bell of that lonely house in southern Indiana/northern Kentucky when your car breaks down on the road. Call the AAA service, eat your seat covers for sustenance, I just cannot stress enough the importance of not sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

If you like your nose that is.


Laura Benedict said...

Can't wait! Haven't had a beer in the Loop since a farewell dinner at Riddle's way back in...well, let's just say it's been a looooong time.

jedidiah ayres said...

The Loop misses you, missus. Riddles is still around. Good beer selection too.

pattinase (abbott) said...

If only Chicago were a few hours closer I could have more fun.