Monday, May 13, 2013

The Missing Links

Just a few quick links - some things I have yet to mention over here in the middle of promoting N@B events. First up, Ryan Sayles gave me the business at The Noir Affliction, his interview series published at Out of the Gutter. We set out to discuss my growth as an artist and mostly made dick jokes. 

And I contributed a piece to the Crimespree magazine blog 5 (Sort of) Books That Changed My Life... aaaaand I took the opportunity to bash Willa Cather and heap praise on Oliver Stone - cause, I'm so classy.

Also, I shook off five month's worth of dust and put my two cents in at Barnes & Noble for Mother's Day. To praise my own sweet mother? Heh, no. To suggest that you appreciate yours more than you do? Ehhhh, you could perhaps stretch it to fit that criteria, but the idea behind the piece was to highlight the worst mothers in crime fiction (plus films and such). Some awful good selections I didn't include on there... I'd love to hear your suggestions too.

And while I'm having a tickle fight with roomie Benjamin Whitmer after the Denver N@B event on May 23, Peter Rozovsky will be candidly assessing the odds of casting out my usurping ass and reclaiming the N@B throne while basking or baking in the afterglow from N@B-Philadelphia's first event in four (five?) years! Considering he's commissioned Dennis Tafoya and Wallace Stroby to carry out the coup, I'd say his odds are good.

So, I'll have to be extra wiley upon my meeting with Tafoya on the 26th for N@B-NYC. If he tries to stab me I plan on hiding behind Glenn Gray and Todd Robinson after dousing Reed Farrel Coleman in pheromones to distract him and hoping Josh Bazell bares a little resemblance to Peter Brown and can ninja-chop him good. Otherwise, it's up to Kieran Shea's apeshit Drunk Hulk act to save my life... Damn... look at that lineup... It'll be my first time in New York, and I'm not sure how they usually do things, but, holy crap - 12 readers? - whatever they pay their fluffers... it ain't enough.

But, shit, don't miss out on the St. Louis action Friday the 17th with Matt Kindt, David James Keaton and Fred Venturini. I can already see Saturday's Post Dispatch headline: Samaritan Catches Fish Red Handed Biting Cop Muscles.

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