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N@B Newsletter for 2016

The annual N@B-STL newsletter is a single-edition this year with links if not much news. Read the links. Buy the drinks.

Cameron Ashley - Still the publisher of Crime Factory in Melbourne. Doing God's work in that fresh hell. I'm still looking for a novel or collection of Cam's short stories (with some new ones of course) - cause he's damn good. 
Jonathan Ashley - His latest is the wonky-western Out of Mercy, but I think we're going to have another book featuring the cast of The Cost of Doing Business soon. Look for more of his work in Crime Factory, A Twist of Noir, LEO Weekly, Kentucky Magazine and Yellow Mama.

Jedidiah Ayres - Hardly at work on a couple novels, screenplays and short stories. Had a story in St. Louis Noir in 2016, plus the DVD release of the only musical ever likely to be based on one of my short stories, Julian Grant's A F**kload of Scotch Tape. Look for the reissue of my collection Courtesy, Sympathy & Taste or: A Fuckload of Shorts in 2017.

Greg Barth - Book four in the Selena series, Road Carnage, is now available from All Due Respect, (catch up with Selena, Diesel Therapy and Suicide Lounge).

Laura Benedict - The Bliss House books keep rolling with number three, The Abandoned Heart (catch up with Bliss House, Charlotte's Story and the Kindle story Cold Alone).

Pinckney Benedict - Nice thing about this digital age - when an amazing book goes out of print they can often be found in an electronic version. If you've never read Town Smokes, The Wrecking Yard, Dogs of God or Miracle Boy that's probably why I don't like you.

Frank Bill - Haven't heard any updates about Frankie's next novel, The Savage, in a while, but damn, director Tim Sutton's Donnybrook the movie may be here sooner than I'd have guessed. 

William Boyle - There's a place called France that's no longer only where naked ladies dance. Y'know what happens when the little guy gets a voice there? He gets his beautiful, dark song of a debut novel, Gravesend, named alongside fuckin' Don Winslow and hey Joy Castro(!) in a list like this one of 20 best noirs of 2016.

Jane Bradley - If the first page of Jane's You Believers doesn't hook you deep you may just be shallow. Still eager for the next book, lady Jane.

Liam Cassidy - Ex-musician, podcaster, bartender and graphic designer for N@B, Liam's nipple deep in grad school write now and shit, I'm getting itchy for some new fiction from the dude. Everybody who caught his debut reading at the era-ending N@B event in July is too. Stay tuned and maybe license some of his artwork for your book cover, huh? Check it out at his website Cheap Fun.

David Cirillo - Has been building Terminal, a Kindle serial, and quietly turning out other strange tales that can be found for your eReader on Amazon.

S.L. Coney - From debut fiction publication in Noir at the Bar vol. 2 (2012) to St. Louis Noir (2016) one fucking (four year) step. Coney's got chops, teeth, big league chew. Get ready world. You can't handle the tooth.

Hilary Davidson - Back in the waning days of the Bush administration Hilary contributed a funny as hell story to D*CKED, an anthology of dark fiction inspired by Dick Cheney that became my go-to Davidson introduction for the un-initiated (always easier to get someone to read a short story). In the last few hours before the election went to the new guy she participated in a Trump-themed N@B in NYC and debuted a story I just hope I get to read some day... when the crying has stopped. Meanwhile, check out her novels here and if you are looking for alternate destinations to the U.S. to live - she's written a few travel books too.

Sean Doolittle - When will we get a new Doolittle novel? I dunno. When will I get tired of telling people to read the backlist? Fucking never.

J. Christopher Dupuy - Is mysterious... and has disappeared off the face of the earth. So check for him around  the nipples - that's always a good bet. Rumor has it, a long-time-coming novel is ready for to take on the Big Six New York Literati, which is a car right? So, I'm confused. I'm off to the nipples with some questions. Or hey - check in at his website

Les Edgerton - So you read the stylistically diverse, but equally compelling titles from The Bitch, Monday's Meal, Just Like That and The Rapist, but you want more Les? Get some here.

C.J. Edwards - Worker of sex crimes, breeder of pit bulls, writer of bloody street crime, Edwards remains our man in Indy until his breakout first novel, inevitable movie deal allow him to go Hollywood and leave us behind. For now - look up his short stories - hint: they're not the erotica titles as far as I know, and the picture on this Goodreads profile is a different author of the same name, but - these titles have actual contributions by the guy.

Matthew C. Funk - The world needs more of it, booties must be loosed. We want it, we gotsta gotsta have it. Where you at, Funk? 

Jesus Angel Garcia - Here's one you don't see every day: dude writes a religion/sex/southern culture satire and tours the country with a performance art bit, writes songs based on his own novel, forms band around same songs and then goes full steam ahead with the music. Soon you'll hear some kid at a dirty bluegrass festival say "I heard the singer from Three Times Bad wrote a book!" He did, son. Yes he did. Will he write another? Let's hope so.

Amanda Gowin - Oh me, oh my, oh N@B's Miss Ohio casts some darkly sweet sticky webs of stories and I, for one, am happy to keep it that way. Some folks pour everything into novels, but a well-wrought short can evoke a reaction as strong and in a fraction of the time and golly does Gowin's glow win. Her latest is included in the title Serious Moonlight along with one from Craig Wallwork and she's fiction editor for Menacing Hedge. Keep up with all things mandajoon at her website.

Kent Gowran - This Chicago metal man created Shotgun Honey and then gave it away. Thanks, man. Read his shit here.

Glenn Gray - He's the one I call Dr. Feelgood - my one-stop shop for gross anatomy. Go fucking read The Little Boy Inside and Other Stories already.

Kevin Lynn Helmick - Did you know in his novel The Rain King Kevin gave me my very own namesake? True he named a horse's ass after this horse's ass, but hey that's about as fitting a tribute as I could ever ask. Check out Kevin's other titles here.

Gordon Highland - When you thought there could be only one, another N@B renaissance man emerges. You can catch up the Highlander's writing, music and film projects at his website

Jake Hinkson - Sometime in the next twenty years when the whole Baptist Noir genre is inescapable in the mainstream, the original unfaithful will call Hinkson's Hell On Church Street ground zero for the whole movement. There may be blood, but there won't be dancing. Check out the cool new covers for Hell and The Posthumous Man and read about his latest adventures here.

Joseph Hirsch - What only three new books in 2016? He's finally slowing down. That's okay because his first of 2017 is Touch No One - a wild throw-back, fast-forward sci-fi pulp mystery with tons of gob thrown about. Deep breath, then dive in to the body of work.

John Hornor Jacobs - You know Playboy magazine is going downhill when they replace actual nudity with stories from the likes of Jacobs. See what I mean in the spring. While waiting for that and Infernal Machines, get your Grimoire at the Bar on with Southern Gods, This Dark Earth and The Incorruptibles.

Liam Jose - When not editing Crime Factory magazine (nineteen issues now), Liam can be found at the bookstore he runs in Melbourne Grub Street Bookshop. I hear the retail price of all items is Juan Hundred dollars.

Tasha Kaminsky - Tasha's first published piece of fiction, a short story titled Your Judaism, landed in Jewish Noir and her first N@B appearance was during the special Noir at the Bar-Mitzvah edition, our first intentionally-themed night. No idea if she intends to continue writing fiction, but she's doing good work in local communities and especially with the Anti-Defamation League

David James Keaton - I swear if Keaton and Greg Bardsley ever cross creative streams in the valley of silicon it's going to make for the fucked-uppiest office politics novel of misadventures in elevator pitching Face Book spyware we'll ever see. Fingers crossed for your favored outcome there, but meantime I'm eagerly awaiting Keat's first go as co-editor of a fiction anthology (alongside Joe Clifford) Hard Sentences due in 2017. 

Byron Kerman -  Byron won the night when he read his story that was runner-up in Heeb magazine's Fake Holocaust Memoir contest. You read that right. If you want to read more of Byron's work it helps to live locally cause he's all over the St. Louis dining scene for Sauce magazine and  St. Louis Magazine, but if Mein Chimpf is any indication of the darkness in his mind - it's something I want more of. C'mon, B. give us more.

Matt Kindt - You've collected all issues of Mind MGMT, got your hands on the early versions of Pistolwhip and have the supplemental Super Spy book. You know what you Kindt completists are lacking? The very rare and out of print Noir at the Bar anthology Matt did the cover (and provided a couple original illustrations) for. How'd we get so lucky? Keep that in the I just can't even files and keep up with the ridiculously talented and prolific dude if you can.

Tim Lane - The gorgeously written and illustrated books Abandoned Cars and The Lonesome Go can be ingested fairly quickly, but digesting takes a while. You know what else takes a damn long time? Creating books that beautiful. Luckily I follow Tim on social media platforms where he releases pages of new projects like those on Steve McQueen and Stagger Lee regularly for me to drool over. His comic series Happy Hour in America turns up with new issues once in a while too. 
Chris La Tray - Missoula's metal man, N@B's fuckbeastiest member and modern pulp's most probable werewolf La Tray continues to rove the wilds of the country making musical mayhem and slaughtering silence with aplomb. A little too quiet on the fiction front for my appetites, but please avail yourself of what's out there and don't forget to stop by the The Missoula Independent where Chris writes book reviews and other various arts-based non-fiction.

Clayton Lindemuth - Lindemuth's joined the swelling number of my friends who are loved in France. His novel Cold, Quiet Country was published there recently and is sure to be the first of many of his black novels to hit the Norman shores with about the same amount of artillery as last time. Find his books Tread, Nothing Save the Bones Inside Her and My Brother's Destroyer here.

Erik Lundy - Finally there's a collection of Lundyfied fiction for your eReader. Man, if you've not checked out Erik's fuckwittian fiction you're missing out. Small Timers is the perfect title for the collection and if you know me you know it's exactly my kind of thing - the kind of guy who'd do anything for money except work. Fuck yeah. Buy your copy here and keep up with Erik at Workplace of the Damned.

John Lutz -Unstoppable force of mystery and suspense keeps going strong. I will never have the fortitude to pound the keys like this guy. Damn. This is how a real pro does it.

Jason Makansi - Patriarch of the Makansi writing dynasty and super smart dude who frequently slums with the great unwashed at N@B, check out his story Tracks set in the old Italian neighborhood of my city in St. Louis Noir.

Matthew McBride - Reclusive N@B figure who gave up the wilds of Gasconade county, MO. for the muggy atmosphere of Bali for the better part of the a year. Recent globe trotting also included a stop in France where the translation of Frank Sinatra in a Blender was published. Last I heard of Matt... Y'know, I'll leave him to your imagination. It's good. Looking forward as always to whatever's next from McBride.

Jon McGoran - Is he tired of scaring the shit out of us with the Carrick books or writing as D.H. Dublin? Is that why McGoran's dipping his toe in the lucrative world of media tie-in novels (look for his original The Blacklist novel The Dead Ring No. 166 in the spring)? Don't worry I'm sure he'll be back to giving you everyday things to worry about every day any day now.

Cortright McMeel - HIs only Non-pseudononymously published novel, Short, remains as timely than ever. Still miss you, man.

Kyle Minor - Dear Kyle: I want to read about A Kidnapping in Haiti and The Sex Lives of Missionaries soon. Meantime, I'm still looking for my lent and not returned copy of In the Devil's Territory. Do you have it? Do you?

Aaron Michael Morales - Morales's next books Eat Your Children and Latrinalia anre somewhere in the works / edits / sales / publishes stage and regardless of subject matter, I have a prediction... incisive, and emotionally un-sparing. Check in here.

Derek Nikitas - Dude made a splash this year when his little book got crushed between publishing giants James Patterson and Stephen King. Well shit, I hope he got paid well anyhow. Hey, go read Long Division.

J. David Osborne - Because writer, publisher, freelance editor and world traveller weren't mantels enough to wear, Ozzy's taken up grocery bagging and podcasting this year. Also, he's announced ambitious new plans for Broken River Books and a relocation to Texas. Damn. Check out my appearance on his podcast The JDO Show.

Dan O'Shea - In an act of Penance for his Greed, O'Shea relocated from Chicago to Milwaukee. We'll see if the contriteness of his soul can pry his intellectual property from the clutches of a bunk publisher or maybe we'll just get something brannew from him soon. Y'know, as long as he continues to post movie reviews by his son, I'm good.

Ande Parks - Between straight up crime titles like Capote in Kansas, Union Station and Ciudad, Parks has worked on The Lone Ranger, Green Arrow, Green Hornet and Kato. Last we spoke he was working on another novel (prose). Here's hoping we can see that shit soon. Dude looks good in a hat too. 

Scott Phillips - Mi amigo and co-host of N@B-STL chapter edited a damn fine collection for Akashic's noir series. St. Louis Noir brought together some terrific talent from around the city, but coming from an idle coffee shop conversation, the suggestion that St. Louis son Jon Hamm should play the lead role in an adaptation of Rake is my most memorable impression related to Scott in the last year. Can't shake how great an idea I think that is. Somebody make that happen.

Tawny Pike - Have not heard nearly enough of/from Ms. P. Her fiction's a force of nature - you feel it and perceive its effects, but you can't quite capture and harness that shit... like in a book. I'd like that shit harnessed - printed and condensed into a clean-burning fuel source. Please. 

Robert J. Randisi - My favorite pulp master still publishing (and holy shit is he), it's been too long since I saw him. Doesn't keep himself in Missouri much any more. Look, the fuck, at that body of work, kids.

John Rector - Heard John aired his fucked up short story In the Kitchen With Rachael Ray (originally appearing in Noir at the Bar vol. 2) at the Bouchercon N@B... wish so hard I'd been there to witness that. It's such a great sick story. Also hear Paul von Stoetzel's shot a short film based on the story - looking forward to that. Meantime, you can pre-order Rector's The Ridge which is scheduled for an April release.

CalebJ. Ross - Good to see new by-gosh fiction from the twisted mind of Ross this year in The Soul Standard (along with some more terrific talents). Look for more here and keep an eye out too for podcasts, and videos that just keep coming.

John Joseph Ryan - Follow up Ed Darvis titles (after A Bullet Apiece) still on the horizon. Otherwise check out his story, Escape Clause featured in the Twelve Days of Christmas at Out of the Gutter recently.  

Joe Schwartz - One of my favorite sick fucks within arm's reach, I'm waiting for the rest of you to catch on to the bloody disgusting stylings of Joe's. Hopefully get another Schwartz at the Bar event soon. Meanwhile - dig these.

Theresa Schwegel - Hey, new Schwegel in 2017! Looks like another hardboiled Chicago copper from an author with a helluva track record in that world. Pre-order The Lies We Tell here and good luck holding out till July.

Anthony Neil Smith - Another year, another kick ass book and, shit yeah, Holy Death was a Billy Lafitte title. Excited for Neil's German publishing adventures with Castle Danger too. Keep 'em coming, man. 

Malachi Stone - Novel number eleven, How to Murder Your Trophy Wife, dropped in 2016. Stone will not stop writing. I'll let you decide if that's good news or not. Check out the back catalogue of dirty deeds dirt cheap!

Jason Stuart - Good news for fans of southern-fried pulp, I think Stuart's respite is over. I heard he's even considering reviving Burnt Bridge. Shit. Howdy. Hey look, 16 Tons is available in paperback again!

Duane Swierczynski - Mr. Philadelphia has gone Hollywood. What the everlivingfuck? Oh well, all those New Beverly Cinema double features are damn near irresistible to me too. Here's hoping the move means we get some movie shows from N@B's favorite Pollock. And congrats, big D. on all the acclaim from the last couple novels. I need to read Revolver.

John F.D. Taff - Here's hoping horror-meister Taff's crime thriller Kill/Off gets a new home soon, and thank goodness I've already got my copy 'cause it's no longer available. Shit, somebody snatch it up. Dude's a Stoker Award nominee after all.  Keep up with John at his website.

Dennis Tafoya - Without a new book in 2016 Tafoya's actually been eclipsed by his own kids (Rachel & Scout). He can join Dan O'Shea in the therapy sessions N@B is sponsoring (mail me donations). But me-thinks there's something new in the works and new DT is always worth waiting for. Fuckin-A right. Check in with him here.

Richard Thomas - Dude is a publishing machine. His baby, Gamut magazine, debuts January 2017 and looks like it'll be killer. Meanwhile his own fiction keeps coming and I hear he's even putting together a film series in multiple locations across the U.S. There's tons to keep up with at What Does Not Kill Me.

Mark W. Tiedemann - Mark stays busy, that's for certain. When he's not writing novels or to be found at Left Bank Books, you can find him keeping The Proximal Eye - a critical blog - as well as Distal Muse - an observational blog. I, for one, am holding out hope that one of his speculative novels will take off and he'll be rolling around in that sweet, sweet nerd money (which will trickle down to me). C'mon, make it rain.

Fred Venturini - This dude's been wined and dined and unjustly maligned for the last couple years since The Heart Does Not Grow Back was released, and I, for one, am looking the fuck forward to whichever semi-completed project is next. Dude's got too much to say to not have a couple books a year out... and they're waiting... One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is listening to Fred spin yarns over beers. I hope more of that is in store for 2017. Check in here.

Frank Wheeler Jr. - This Milwaukee transplant and demi-god of the psycho-cop genre has the most placid exterior for the roiling seas of deep, dark shit that surely lie beneath. Look at that face. Shake his hand. Receive an aw shucks smile and a how do you do. Then pick up The Wowzer or The Good Life and consider changing your name and burning your life to the ground hoping you've left no trace and can go on to some semblance of normalcy without fearing he knows you're still alive and is fixated on you somehow. Perhaps more than any other writer in the N@B community I can't understand why people aren't burning Frank's books and making a high holy stink over his lack of exposure. This guy doesn't just have the goods, oh crime fiction fan, he is those goods. Here's hoping Paul von Stoetzel's short film based on Frank's story Your Blind Spot is available to the public soon. And dammit, Frank, I want another book. 

Benjamin Whitmer - This motherfucker here says he's finished his third novel and begun work on the fourth. I'll believe it when my fingers are burnt and cut from turning the pages. God, I hope it's the jailbreak book I've been hearing about for an eternity 'cause that shit needs to be in me. Get some backlist here.

Lavelle Wilkins-Chinn - Your ego out of balance and maybe you want to be upstaged properly for your own good? I suggest appearing in an anthology alongside Lavelle. Or worse/better, participating in a live reading with her. Check out her story Fool's Luck in St. Louis Noir.

Tim L. Williams - To find the darkest, most  unnerving stories in Ellery Queen, Murdaland or whatever the hell publication you're reading, just check the table of contents for Tim's name and find his story. If you think you're up to it, check out his collected stories Skull Fragments.

Calvin Wilson - When he's not writing about the arts or film criticism for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, he may be fantasizing about killing you if his story Attrition from St. Louis Noir is any indication. 

Jonathan Woods - The short film based on his story Swingers Anonymous played at Noircon in October and his latest novel Kiss the Devil Goodnight is now available from 280 Steps.

Josh Woods - I heard Josh read an excerpt from his upcoming novel The Black Palace this year and holyshitfuckinghell that's gonna be a scorcher. Not just your average supernatural-S.W.A.T./witchcraft/werewolf thriller I assure you. Read his shit, I dare you.

Nic Young - I think my emails are getting stopped at the border, 'cause I keep suggesting that Nic and Roger Smith hop a flight from South Africa to do a special Cape Town edition of N@B, but sadly this has not and may never happen. I keep my eyes peeled, but have yet to find more Young to point you toward (so check him out in Warmed and Bound and Noir at the Bar vol. 2).

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