Friday, July 27, 2018


Had a great time at the Midsummer Night's Creep event at Left Bank Books. Josh Woods read a spooky action passage from The Black Palace, Kea Wilson read a dog-killing scene from her cannibalism novel We Eat Our Own (would've made  you proud, Benjamin Whitmer) and I found a way to squeeze most of my short story Little White Lines (from Blood & Gasoline) into my allotted time. Thanks to Left Bank Books for hosting (you can still pick up a few signed copies of Peckerwood at the store).

Toasts and roasts to N@B favorite Fred Venturini who had to cancel his appearance at the event for a family emergency. Man... if only there were a way I could entice Fred and Josh and Kea back for another stab at this event... if only I had my own reading series to make this happen.

Shit howdy, kids, we're doing N@B in St. Louis again. Saturday the gang's back to their old ticks at Meshuggah. And lookit the lineup...

Max Booth III whose The Nightly Disease fucking ruled, and whose next novel Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them has been picked up by Fangoria (books!).

Amanda Gowin returning to cast Serious Moonlight on the proceedings with more haunty, spooky horror/wonder stuffs.

It's publishing week for my man, Chris Orlet. His new novel A Taste of Shotgun is set just across the river from me and mine in Illinois and features craven characters creating carnage and feckless fuckwits failing and flaming out fantastically. Fuck yeah.

Will Scott Phillips give us a reading from the new novel? Fuckin hope so. It's great.

I was so pissed when I read Tawny Pike's story Death Dance in Shotgun Honey - because I have an unpublished story about killing somebody the same way, I swear. Fuck. It's gnarly. She brings the goods.

And Jen Egan is our secret weapon this time around. Had her on the shortlist for a couple of years now and you're all about to find out why.

N@B is back in St. Louis, yo.

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