Friday, June 4, 2010

Urge Overkill

Thanks to almost everybody who came out for N@B3, especially our intrepid authors who drove hours to be here. For the most part it was a very enjoyable evening. I kicked things off reading my story from Surreal South 09 and then introduced one of my lovely and talented and exceedingly gracious editors on that book, Laura Benedict who also read her story out of that volume. Sean Doolittle followed Laura reading his piece from Blood, Guts & Whiskey and the first half of his reading was great, but it's the second half of the reading that will be remembered.

The Delmar Lounge is great venue for our event, there's a little room on the end of the place that's cosy enough for a small group and not closed off too much to support a larger crowd. Right about half way through Sean's reading a loud voice from the front of the bar breaks into a Sly Stone song, just about completely drowning out Care of the Circumcised Penis.

The bar had double booked events apparently and our (granted, not exactly genteel) literary thing was suddenly competing with Steve Ewing, (formerly of the band The Urge), from the front room. After the first song, Steve graciously turned the volume down, but he was a very noticeable presence for the rest of the evening. Sean, God bless him, finished the story in good humor and Pinckney Benedict closed the evening with class, but I couldn't help wondering what would've happened if Scott had been on hand to emcee... Something a little more memorable is my guess... for better or worse I get the feeling the night would've been burned into our minds a bit differently.

Thanks again to Sean, Laura and Pinckney for making the trip. Thanks to Augustino for running the sound, (and turning Sean & Pinckney way up to compete with the soundtrack), Kelly at Subterranean Books and everybody who came out and got read at.

I will be looking into The Delmar's schedule about the June 28th event with Dennis Tafoya and Derek Nikitas. No offense, Steve, I don't wanna do that again.


On another note, a (ahem) Ransom Note, Winter's Bone, the movie opens in one week and I'm tryin' to get people to get ahold of the book and read it first. Anybody who's read Daniel Woodrell's books, I'd encourage you to head over there and leave a comment toward the same goal.

Was good to see Reed Farrel Coleman and Gabriel Cohen Wednesday night and I just left the Richard Russo event this evening, so it's been a hell of a busy week.


Keith Rawson said...

Pictures, Ayres, pictures.
And Nikitas? Damn.

jedidiah ayres said...

Pictures?!?! I took a few, but it'll take a couple months at least to use up the roll of film and then I'm not sure how long to get them developed. I hope they come out good cause the one of Malachi Stone rubbing Sean and Pinckney's heads with a hankie oughtta be priceless.

Plus the goats.

Anonymous said...

Those two guys put their heads together and made an ass out of themselves.

Steve Weddle said...

"Roll of film"?? You people talk funny.

Neil said...

Perfect. The interesting stuff always happens to Sean, but he's too nice to stomp up ot the singer and knock his teeth out.

Where the fuck was Scott?

jedidiah ayres said...

Scott was in Wichita tending to family business.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Who ever knew St. Louis was such a happening place! Roll of film? Do they still have rolls of film? My husband visited there once and they made him act out a famous trial in the courthouse.

jedidiah ayres said...

Patti - why on earth would they do that? I'm demanding an explanation

Anonymous said...
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