Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quatro de Mayo

Sad shit will still be sad next week, but Noir at the Bar moves on. Expect to raise a glass to the late great Cort McMeel at Saturday's N@B event at Meshuggah in St. Louis. We'll hoist liquids to our fallen comrade, and sally forth because we've scorched too much earth to sally back. Sooooo - come prepared and prepare to come for our specialists who've been training their whole lives for this. Really, J. Christopher Dupuy has been feeding his bail and false ID account since he was kicked out of preschool and John Hornor Jacobs has been drinking non-stop since the first grade. I fully expect Dan O'Shea to wander in hungover and smelling like the fluids of cheap book-groupies of the debut-novelist variety and Tawny Leech to be armed to the teeth and ready to throw down on some Show-Me state fucks lookin to start shit. It's going to be painful. But pain is the first indicator of life and, by God, I want to live.

Who else may be hanging around the event? Might we see Matthew McBride and Scott Phillips? Perhaps David Cirillo and Matt Kindt will show up with Brian Hurtt on a leash? There is, I hear, even a possibility of a Benedict appearance. If so, be sure to bring your copy of The Devil's Oven for Laura Benedict to sign (hell, may as well have Jacobs draw on it too - he designed that kick-ass cover) and we can perhaps get the skinny straight from Pinckney Benedict about his work's recent forays into film. The short film adaptation of his story Miracle Boy has been winning some prize money at film fests, and check this the hell out - looks like a feature length adaptation of Pig Helmet & the Wall of Life! Can't wait to find out.

And speaking of film festivals, Paul von Stoetzel's short flick Viscosity will be playing its eight-millionth festival on Friday, May 10 at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival (STIFF - how appropriate is that?). It'll be part of the special -sex-themed- event Indepenetration hosted by stand up phenom Emmett Montgomery. Ought to be entirely comfortable environment. Lots of rain coats. Wish I could be there.

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