Thursday, July 2, 2015

For Whom the Bell LOLs

N@B on July 17 is gonna be a shin dig. As in you'll be digging splinters out of your shin for weeks afterward. It's the last N@B event at Meshuggah and the last night of an era of Meshuggah as the place changes hands (owners) the next day. So come prepared to for old memories and grateful for the blackouts that swallow up these events.

Happy as hell to be welcoming John F.D. Taff to the N@B fold. His shit's been smelling sweet for years and you'll be glad the sharp objects are currently in bubble wrap. Known mostly as a horror writer (The Bell Witch, The End in All Beginnings), he's dabbled in crime as well (The Kill/Off) and whatever he brings to the event you can bet it's gonna be unwelcome at any polite and proper reading event you've been to. Check him out here.

N@B has been trying to make it work for both Taff and Joseph Hirsch for a couple years now. Both are fucking ferocious and bloodthirsty writers (as in they want the blood of readers on their hands) and terribly talented. Hirsch too has a yen for blending crime and horror with his Arklow series (fucking Rolling Country split my skull and Flash Blood licked it up). His latest is the weird western The Dove and the Crow from Paragraph Line who previously published his Kentucky Bestiary.

Also reading will be long-time pal of N@B and jackoff all trades/masturbater of none Liam Cassidy. Liam's been leaned on by N@B for artwork, bouncing and bartending. You might know him from VLAD! the Vladimir Putin fanzine he illustrates and publishes. He's also the host of Cheap Fun the short story podcast. Few months back he had a story about something seriously unsavory in the trunk of a car that caught our ears. Fuck. Check out his graphic work here and y'know hire him for your book cover. He's the shit.

For the Meshuggah finale Scott Phillips will be painting the town a bright reddish-yellow. His contribution to the evening will doubtless be finger-licking smut from the Pan of his own flute. As the Pater-unfamiliar of our bastard tribe he holds the yuks-to-yucks balance firmly in his hairy palm.

So join us for one more "Fuck, Peter Rozovsky" at Meshuggah on July 17 and stay tuned for the future of N@B-STL.

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