Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Revenge is Sweeeet

Out of the Gutter magazine, "the modern journal of pulp fiction and degenerate literature" is back on newsstands now with issue #5, the "Revenge" edition. Lemme just get out of the way the fact that one of my own stories appears alongside filthy, filthy offerings from Charlie (Mafiya)Stella, Vicki Hendricks (have you read Miami Purity? - made me blush - seriously)and personal favs Greg Bardsley and Jordan Harper. Bardsley & Harper are apparently not just favorites of mine, (you can read their work in numerous on-line journals including Thuglit, Plots With Guns, Demolition, Storyglossia, Pulp Pusher... it goes on), they also won OOTG's two fiction contest categories, (judged BTW by pulp/noir stalwarts Victor Gun Monkeys Gischler and Anthony Neil Yellow Medicine Smith). The rest of the work, including A Crash Course in Chivalry - a comic by Henry R. Paine and Seth Ferranti's non-fiction piece - The Aryan Circle is worth your precious crapper-reading time any day. Can't find OOTG in your town? You can order issue 5 as well as back issues at http://outoftheguttermagazine.blogspot.com . Drop a line to Matt Louis and his editorial crew and let 'em know you appreciate their work.

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