Monday, June 1, 2009

Hogdoggin' Monday

It's Hogdoggin' Monday folks, the day to go out and make a collective statement not just for Antony Neil Smith's bloody good new novel Hogdoggin', but the genre itself. Head on over to CrimeDog One for a pitch from ANS on this notion. He says it better than I could. While you're there you can check out the final virtual rally post from Mr. Benjamin LeRoy of Bleak House Books - publishers of some criminally good stuff. The entire list of rally posts are linked to in possibly chronological order at the virtual dive bar. What an amazing body of work for a two week bender from Neil. Some of those guys, (and gals) went balls deep. While you're waiting for Hogdoggin' or Sex, Thugs and Rock & Roll to come by mail because they were sold out at the local bookstore, take a gander into the future with the special theme issue of PWG, Plots With RAYGuns. Holy cow, now those guys thought big. I've especially enjoyed Kyle Minor, Kieran Shea and Pinckney Benedict's pieces, but everybody deserves a pat on the back for getting in there. One wonders what's next year, Plots With SIXGUns, Squirtguns, Nailguns? Whatever, I'm on board. I'm also on board with New Pulp Press, the new kids on the block in the small noir publishing world. John Bassoff's crew have put together some quality stuff. Look for reviews coming soon to HBW. Read something today, it's gonna be ninety something in St. Louis. Gimme a book please.

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Neil said...

All good choices, sir. Yeah, let's make waves for the indie presses and paperback originals of the world. HOGDOGGIN' in not a PB original, but Bleak House does release the PB and Hardcover at the same time. Twice as much to choose from.

Can't wait to have one of these days for you, bud.