Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Needle Has Landed

Okay, I finally got my copy in the mail this week. It's a sharp looking publication. Big thanks to Steve Weddle, John Hornor Jacobs, Scott D. Parker, Naomi Johnson and Daniel O'Shea for all the hard work and love poured into it. I'm about half way through so far - read pieces by Kieran Shea, Kent Gowran, Eric Beetner, Hilary Davidson, Cormac Brown, Nathan Singer, Chad Rohrbacher, Keith Rawson and Patti Abbott. If the back half reads anything like the first, I'll be one happy sumbitch. But I'm looking at the names, Dave Zeltserman, Paul D. Brazill, Sandra Seamans, Christopher Grant and Eric Nusbaum - and I'm sure it will. Now, I'm waiting for my contributor copy of Blood, Guts and Whiskey which I hear people are receiving...

Speaking of BG&W, fellow contributor Jordan Harper's final episode of this season's The Mentalist aired last night and over at Ransom Notes, I'm wondering how TV has scored crime writers the likes of him, George Pelecanos, Dennis Lehane, Richard Price, Kem Nunn and Chris Offutt. Anybody out there missing The Shield should go read Harper's spec script he wrote for that show, (got some doors opened for him). I believe it was supposed to take place between seasons six and seven - he really nailed the voices.

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