Saturday, November 30, 2013

Peckerwood Has Arrived

Hey, Peckerwood is out now. Lemme introduce you to my novel. Here's the jacket copy...

Assault, armed robbery, and the occasional blackmail: life is pretty damn good for Terry Hickerson. He's got a dog, a best friend, enough cash to get him drunk, and a teenaged son to carry him home. Sure he's a constant pain in the local law's ass, but Sheriff Jimmy Mondale's got enough to worry about, what with his estranged daughter on a tear, and the District Attorney being onto his partnership with local ex-biker, meth kingpin, and tackle shop owner Chowder Thompson. When tragedy hits their small town of Spruce, Missouri, Terry's peckerwood bullshit will push the three of them into a volatile whirlwind complete with bullets, bodies, and broken bones.


“Peckerwood is intensely original and harrowing country noir. Ayres delivers sharp-edged prose that lands like a knife under the ribs.” – Dennis Tafoya

“A masterpiece of dirty, down-low rural noir. Read it and sink a little further into the muck.” – Scott Phillips

“Some people find comfort in religion, booze, sex, drugs. I don’t judge. But I find comfort in Jedidiah Ayres.” – Benjamin Whitmer

“Jedidiah Ayres combines a crooked world view and a dark turn of mind with a genuine, increasingly rare pulse of hu- manity to create stories that stand apart.” – Sean Doolittle

“One of the most innovative crime fiction writers currently on the scene.” – LitReactor

Buy it, if you're inclined to, from...

Subterranean Books (or your favorite indy store)


Barnes & Noble

Good, now buy it again.

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