Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Four Reasons I am Broke

Brannew Boo & Junior title Rough Trade is in the world legit now, and I, for one, would suggest you buy that thing. Fuckin Todd Robinson, man. I enjoyed the hell out of B&J #1 The Hard Bounce, but even more in retrospect - meaning, I mentally revisit it more than most books - especially after hearing him read from it at N@B-NYC... "morbidly rubenesque" indeed. Here's hoping that with the burden of editing and publishing Thuglit no longer grinding on him we get a little more original output from the dude.

Y'know what else I'm fuckin stoked for? Drain Land by Iain Ryan. His first novel Four Days was like streamlined, pre-addreall and alliteration Ellroy - nasty world, smooth prose, epic in scope, but intimate in devastation. And if you too dug it, he's also got a Kindle-only sequel novella Two Days that I'ma pick up.

Another dude who lay down the crime-zine editing gig to concentrate on his own work is Bryon Quertermous. His Demolition magazine was one of my favorite destinations for reading the hardest new crime fiction once upon a time, now he's got time to write books. Whole books. Good news too, 'cause his latest, Riot Load is the novel treatment of my favorite of his short stories (don't remember if it was in Demolition or Thuglit or Plots With Guns or Beat to a Pulp) about a bank heist gone sticky. A um, sperm bank heist.

Another title I'm pinching pennies for is the debut novel of Chris Orlet, In the Pines (New Pulp Press). This is one I've had in my peripheral for about a year and now it's in the world and I'm gonna pounce. Expect for Chris to cut his teeth reading at N@B sometime soon.

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