Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hardboiled Wonderland was an active blog for 12 years, but it's inactive now. Lot of stuff I'm proud of in these pages and plenty that makes me cringe now. I've changed my opinion of many things and changed the way I would choose to speak about some of the subjects. I've been tempted to delete the blog many times and may someday, but I'm leaving it be for now. The main reason I never nuked it is that a lot of the books and some of the films covered remain under-valued and under-exposed and they deserve to have some record preserved. 

I made a lot of friends and no enemies that I'm aware of on this site and some of them are no longer around. Some of them have gone from amateur status to successful careers that's a cool thing too. Some of them wrote kickass guest pieces for this site too. I'd hate to lose those by deleting the blog.

If you were a reader of, or a contributor to the blog, thanks so much. I appreciate it.


Tom W said...

All I'd say is please don't underestimate the value of the resource you've created. It's an absolute treasure trove of criminal gems, and utterly invaluable. Case in point - I'm dipping into your blogs tonight as I do often, and an interview you did with Dennis Tafoya 13 years ago means 'Dope Thief's now in my basket to buy, and Tafoya's on my radar. Can't tell you how many times that's happened because of 'Hardboiled Wonderland'. Thank you for all your hard work over the years.

E. Ellis said...

Ah, I really hate to see this blog go inactive. It has been one of my go-to places for quality entertainment that is so lacking in attention. But I understand how hard it is to keep something like this going and can only imagine the time involved.

I hope you keep it viewable because as Tom W pointed out, it is a valuable resource when it comes to all this quality entertainment so many have little knowledge of.

Best wishes.....and I'll follow you on Twitter and that other site you compile your movies on....